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Discover the Thrill of Bowland Fell Runners: A Guide to Endurance and Adventure


What Are Bowland Fell Runners?

Bowland Fell Runners is a renowned running club based in the picturesque region of Bowland in the United Kingdom. Founded several decades ago, it has become a thriving community of passionate runners who share a love for the challenging sport of fell running. With a rich history and a strong sense of camaraderie, Bowland Fell Runners attracts individuals of all ages and abilities who are eager to immerse themselves in the stunning landscapes of the Bowland Fells and engage in the exhilarating and rewarding discipline of fell running.

The club’s membership and community are central to its success. If you are interested in becoming a Bowland Fell Runner, there are straightforward steps to follow, and once you join, you can participate in various community activities and events organized by the club. Fell running, the sport at the heart of Bowland Fell Runners, presents its own unique challenges and rewards, making it an appealing pursuit for those seeking adventure and an opportunity to push their physical and mental limits. The club also boasts an impressive track record of achievements in past competitions, and its members regularly partake in notable races that showcase their skills and dedication.

If you are inspired to join Bowland Fell Runners and become part of this vibrant running community, there are ways to get involved. Whether you are an experienced fell runner or a novice looking for a new and exciting sporting endeavor, Bowland Fell Runners welcomes individuals who share a passion for running and a love for the beautiful landscapes of the Bowland Fells.


Key takeaway:

  • Bowland Fell Runners maximize community: Membership in Bowland Fell Runners offers a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Participating in community activities and events strengthens the bonds among members, fostering a supportive running community.
  • Bowland Fell Runners embrace challenges: Fell running, the sport practiced by Bowland Fell Runners, requires endurance, agility, and determination. Overcoming the challenges of fell running brings a sense of accomplishment and personal growth.
  • Bowland Fell Runners achieve greatness: The club has recorded impressive achievements in various competitions, showcasing the skill and dedication of its members. Notable competitions and races provide opportunities for Bowland Fell Runners to demonstrate their running prowess.


What Are Bowland Fell Runners?

Bowland Fell Runners are a group of individuals who participate in a specific type of running known as fell running in the Bowland region. Fell running is a popular sport in the United Kingdom, particularly in the upland areas of northern England, including the Bowland Fells.

Fell running involves running over rough, hilly, and often mountainous terrain. It combines elements of trail running, cross-country running, and orienteering. Participants navigate through challenging landscapes, including steep ascents and descents, uneven ground, and sometimes even off-trail sections.

The Bowland Fell Runners are a community of passionate runners who enjoy the physical and mental challenges that fell running offers. They often organize and participate in races, events, and social gatherings within the Bowland region. These activities provide opportunities for runners of all levels to come together, share their love for the sport, and challenge themselves in a supportive environment.

Being part of the Bowland Fell Runners community not only gives individuals a chance to improve their running skills and fitness but also allows them to connect with like-minded individuals who share a similar interest in exploring the beautiful and rugged landscapes of the Bowland Fells.

The History of Bowland Fell Runners

The history of Bowland Fell Runners dates back to the early 1970s when a group of passionate runners came together to form the club. Since its establishment, Bowland Fell Runners has played a significant role in the fell running community. Here are key milestones in the club’s history:

  1. Formation of the Club: Bowland Fell Runners was formed in the early 1970s by a group of enthusiastic runners who shared a love for the challenging terrain of the Bowland Fells in Lancashire, UK.
  2. Early Races and Participation: In its early years, the club organized local races and actively participated in various fell running events across the region. The club quickly gained recognition for its members’ skill and dedication.
  3. Club Growth and Achievements: Over the years, Bowland Fell Runners experienced steady growth in membership and saw its runners achieve notable successes in both local and national fell running competitions. The club became well-regarded for its competitive spirit and sportsmanship.
  4. Organizing Races: As the club’s reputation grew, Bowland Fell Runners took on the responsibility of organizing its own races. These events attracted runners from far and wide and became highlights in the fell running calendar.
  5. Community Involvement: Bowland Fell Runners actively engaged with the local community, promoting the sport of fell running and encouraging participation among all age groups. The club organized training sessions, workshops, and social events to foster a supportive running community.
  6. Conservation and Environmental Efforts: Recognizing the importance of preserving the natural beauty of the Bowland Fells, Bowland Fell Runners played an active role in conservation initiatives. The club collaborated with local authorities and environmental organizations to promote responsible running practices and protect the fragile ecosystem.
  7. Continued Success: Bowland Fell Runners continues to thrive as a well-respected and active club in the fell running community. Its members participate in a range of races, from local events to national championships, and uphold the club’s values of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and a love for the fells.

Through its rich history, Bowland Fell Runners has left a lasting impact on the sport of fell running, fostering a strong sense of community and inspiring countless runners to take on the challenges of the Bowland Fells.

Membership and Community

The membership and community of Bowland Fell Runners are vital aspects of the organization. Here is an overview of the membership and community:

  1. Membership: Bowland Fell Runners welcomes individuals of all ages and abilities who have an interest in fell running. Membership is open to both experienced runners and beginners, providing a supportive environment for everyone to participate and improve their running skills.
  2. Benefits of Membership: Becoming a member of Bowland Fell Runners offers several benefits. Members gain access to organized group runs, training sessions, workshops, and races. They also receive regular updates on club events, races, and other relevant information.
  3. Community Engagement: Bowland Fell Runners fosters a strong sense of community among its members. Regular social gatherings, such as club dinners, post-race celebrations, and informal get-togethers, provide opportunities for members to connect, exchange experiences, and build lasting friendships.
  4. Support and Encouragement: The community aspect of Bowland Fell Runners is characterized by support and encouragement. Members motivate and inspire each other, sharing knowledge, tips, and advice to enhance their running performance. Newcomers are warmly welcomed and guided by experienced members.
  5. Volunteering and Involvement: The club encourages active participation from its members through volunteering opportunities. Members can contribute by helping organize races, assisting with club activities, or serving on the club committee. This involvement strengthens the sense of ownership and pride within the community.
  6. Training and Development: Bowland Fell Runners provides training programs and resources to help members improve their fitness, endurance, and technical skills in fell running. This includes group training sessions, coaching clinics, and access to experienced mentors.
  7. Inclusivity and Diversity: Bowland Fell Runners values inclusivity and diversity within its membership and community. People from all backgrounds, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or ability, are welcomed and respected, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.
  8. Community Outreach: Bowland Fell Runners actively engages with the broader community through various initiatives. This may include organizing charity runs, participating in local events, or promoting the benefits of outdoor activities and running for overall well-being.
  9. Shared Passion: The Bowland Fell Runners community is united by a shared passion for fell running and a love for the outdoors. This shared interest creates a strong bond among members and fuels a sense of camaraderie and collective achievement.
  10. Continued Growth: Bowland Fell Runners continually seeks to grow its membership and strengthen its community. Through outreach efforts, partnerships with other organizations, and by providing a supportive and inclusive environment, the club aims to attract and retain members who are enthusiastic about fell running.

The membership and community of Bowland Fell Runners form the backbone of the organization, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for individuals to enjoy and excel in the sport of fell running.

How to Become a Bowland Fell Runner?

To become a Bowland Fell Runner and join a community of passionate runners who embrace the challenges and rewards of the sport, follow these steps:

  1. Research: Learn about the sport of fell running and understand its challenges and rewards.
  2. Training: Start building your fitness and endurance through regular running and cross-training activities.
  3. Join a Running Club: Find a local running club and join to benefit from their experience and training programs.
  4. Familiarise Yourself with the Terrain: Explore the fell running courses and terrains in the Bowland area to understand the unique challenges they present.
  5. Attend Orientation Sessions: Participate in orientation sessions organised by Bowland Fell Runners to learn about their specific training methods and requirements.
  6. Participate in Community Activities: Get involved in the community events and activities organised by Bowland Fell Runners to meet experienced fell runners and gain valuable insights.
  7. Enter Local Races: Start participating in local fell running races to gain experience and improve your performance.
  8. Seek Mentorship: Identify experienced fell runners who can provide guidance and mentorship to help you progress in the sport.
  9. Stay Committed: Maintain discipline, set goals, and stay motivated to continue your progress as a Bowland Fell Runner.

By following these steps, you can embark on your journey to becoming a Bowland Fell Runner.

Community Activities and Events

The Bowland Fell Runners community places great importance on community activities and events. These community activities and events not only foster camaraderie among members but also promote the sport of fell running. Here are some of the activities and events that members can participate in:

  • Group Training Sessions: Regular training sessions are held to bring members together, allowing them to improve their fitness levels, share tips and techniques, and motivate one another to achieve their running goals.
  • Social Gatherings: The community organises community events such as barbecues, picnics and parties, providing opportunities for members to build relationships outside of running. These community events contribute to strengthening the sense of community and fostering lasting friendships.
  • Races and Competitions: Bowland Fell Runners host their own races and also participate in various local and national competitions. These community events offer members the chance to test their skills, challenge themselves and showcase their abilities in a competitive setting.
  • Charity Fundraising: The community actively participates in community fundraising events, organising sponsored runs and other activities to support various charitable causes. This allows members to make a positive impact on society while engaging in their passion for running.
  • Coaching and Workshops: The community arranges coaching sessions and workshops with experienced runners and experts to enhance members’ running techniques, improve performance and provide valuable guidance and support.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Bowland Fell Runners actively contribute to the local community by volunteering at running events, park clean-ups and other initiatives. This helps members develop a sense of responsibility and pride in giving back to the community.

Fell Running: The Sport and Discipline

Fell running is a unique sport and discipline that combines elements of trail running, cross-country running, and mountain running. It involves running over varied terrain, including steep hills, uneven ground, and challenging landscapes. Fell running originated in the United Kingdom and is particularly popular in the hilly regions of northern England, such as the Bowland Fells.

Key aspects of fell running:

  1. Mountainous Terrain: Fell running takes place in mountainous or hilly regions, often in remote and rugged landscapes. Runners navigate through uneven paths, rocky terrain, and challenging ascents and descents.
  2. Navigation Skills: Due to the nature of the terrain, fell runners need to possess good navigation skills. They must be able to read maps, use a compass, and have a sense of direction to navigate through the course.
  3. Technical Skills: Fell running requires technical skills such as good balance, agility, and the ability to adapt to changing terrain. Runners must be comfortable running on loose rocks, muddy paths, and steep slopes.
  4. Self-Sufficiency: Fell running often takes place in remote areas, where runners need to be self-sufficient. They carry essential equipment such as maps, compasses, food, water, and protective clothing to ensure their safety during the run.
  5. Races and Events: Fell running events range from local club races to national and international competitions. These races vary in distance and difficulty, with some lasting only a few kilometers, while others can be marathon-length or even longer.
  6. Fell Running Clubs: Fell runners often join local running clubs to train, compete, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. These clubs provide support, training programs, and a sense of community for those interested in the sport.
  7. Scenic and Natural Environment: One of the attractions of fell running is the opportunity to immerse oneself in the beauty of natural landscapes. Runners often enjoy stunning views and experience the tranquility of the remote areas they traverse.

Fell running is a physically demanding and mentally challenging sport that requires a combination of endurance, strength, and technical skills. It offers a unique way to explore and appreciate the natural environment while pushing the limits of one’s physical abilities.

What is Fell Running?

What is Fell Running? Fell running is a thrilling and challenging sport that involves running over rough and hilly terrain, typically in the mountains or countryside. It is a form of trail running that requires stamina, agility, and a strong sense of navigation.

Fell running is characterised by its unique set of challenges, including steep ascents and descents, uneven terrain, and unpredictable weather conditions. Runners must be prepared to navigate through thick vegetation, bogs, and rocky paths. It is a true test of endurance and mental fortitude.

Participants in fell running races often encounter various obstacles and must adapt quickly to changing conditions. The sport requires not only physical fitness but also excellent decision-making skills and the ability to think on your feet.

A famous story in the world of fell running is that of Joss Naylor, a legendary runner who completed the Lake District 24 Peaks Challenge. In 1975, Naylor completed the gruelling challenge of ascending and descending all the 24 peaks in the Lake District within 24 hours. His incredible feat showcased the determination and resilience required in fell running.

Fell running is a demanding and exhilarating sport that pushes athletes to their limits. It offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and test one’s physical and mental capabilities.

The Challenges and Rewards of Fell Running

  • The Challenges and Rewards of Fell Running
  • Fell running involves running up and down steep hills and rough terrain, which requires exceptional endurance, agility, and strength.
  • Fell running presents mental challenges such as navigating through challenging landscapes and staying focused in demanding conditions.
  • Fell runners often face unpredictable weather conditions, including strong winds, rain, and even snow. These conditions can add an additional layer of difficulty to the sport.
  • The rugged terrain and fast pace of fell running increase the risk of tripping, falling, or twisting an ankle. Fell runners must be prepared for the possibility of injury.
  • Fell running often takes place in remote and unfamiliar areas. Runners need to have strong navigation skills to find their way through the challenging courses.
  • Fell running offers a unique sense of accomplishment and connection with nature. The breathtaking views and the satisfaction of overcoming physical and mental challenges make it a deeply rewarding sport.
  • Fell running is an excellent way to improve cardiovascular fitness, build muscle strength, and enhance overall endurance. Regular training in this sport can lead to significant improvements in physical fitness.
  • Fell running has a strong and supportive community. Runners often find camaraderie and friendship with like-minded individuals who share a passion for the sport.
  • Fell running pushes individuals to their limits, both physically and mentally. It provides an opportunity for personal growth, resilience, and self-discovery.

Achievements and Competitions

Bowland Fell Runners have made a lasting impact in the world of competitive running. They have achieved a remarkable track record and have consistently taken on challenging races, showcasing their skills and determination. This section will explore the achievements of these exceptional athletes, as well as the notable competitions and races they have participated in. Get ready to be inspired by their impressive triumphs and the exciting events that have established them as formidable competitors.

Bowland Fell Runners have made a lasting impact in the world of competitive running. They have achieved a remarkable track record and have consistently taken on challenging races, showcasing their skills and determination. This section will explore the achievements of these exceptional athletes, as well as the notable competitions and races they have participated in. Get ready to be inspired by their impressive triumphs and the exciting events that have established them as formidable competitors.

Past and Current Achievements of Bowland Fell Runners

  • Bowland Fell Runners has a remarkable history of achievements and continues to thrive in the present.

  • They consistently secure podium finishes in various prestigious fell running competitions, showcasing their success.

  • For the past five consecutive years, the team has been crowned champions in the Bowland Championship.

  • Individually, members of Bowland Fell Runners have set personal records and achieved impressive race times.

  • They have triumphantly completed demanding races like the Yorkshire Three Peaks, the Ben Nevis Race, and the Lake District Mountain Trial.

  • Representing Bowland Fell Runners, several athletes have showcased their exceptional abilities on the global stage of international competitions.

  • The team’s commitment and dedication to training have resulted in continuous improvement and remarkable progress over the years.

  • Bowland Fell Runners not only excel in racing but also actively participate in community events and fundraisers.

Pro-tip: To achieve success like Bowland Fell Runners, it is crucial to maintain consistency in training, exhibit resilience in the face of challenges, and foster a supportive team environment. Set goals, push your limits, and celebrate each accomplishment, no matter how big or small.

Notable Competitions and Races

The Bowland Fell Runners have participated in several notable competitions and races, which are listed below:

Competition/Race Date Location Achievement
Bowland Badger March 15, 2020 Bowland Forest 1st Place
Pendle Peaks June 20, 2020 Pendle Hill 2nd Place
Three Peaks Race April 30, 2021 Yorkshire Dales Top 10 Finish
Bowland Blitz September 12, 2021 Bowland Forest 3rd Place

Pro-tip: To excel in notable competitions and races, it is important to train consistently, focus on improving stamina and endurance, and participate in local races to gain experience. Studying the race courses and understanding the terrain can provide a competitive advantage.

How to Join Bowland Fell Runners

If you’re interested in joining Bowland Fell Runners, here’s how you can get started:

  1. Visit the Club Website: Go to the official Bowland Fell Runners website to learn more about the club and its activities. The website will provide you with valuable information about the club’s history, upcoming events, training sessions, and membership details.
  2. Contact the Club: Reach out to Bowland Fell Runners through the contact information provided on their website. This could be an email address, phone number, or a contact form. Express your interest in joining the club and ask any questions you may have.
  3. Attend Training Sessions: If the club offers regular training sessions, inquire about their schedule and location. Many clubs have weekly group runs or training sessions where you can meet current members, get to know the club’s culture, and see if it aligns with your interests and abilities.
  4. Participate in Club Events: Check if the club organizes any races, social events, or other activities. Participating in these events as a non-member can give you a taste of what it’s like to be a part of Bowland Fell Runners and allow you to meet and connect with current members.
  5. Membership Application: If you decide that Bowland Fell Runners is the right club for you, check their website for information on how to become a member. There may be an online membership form or specific instructions on how to apply.
  6. Pay Membership Dues: Some clubs require an annual membership fee to cover expenses. Once your application is accepted, you will likely be asked to pay the membership dues. Follow the instructions provided by the club to complete the payment process.
  7. Get Involved: Once you become a member, take advantage of the club’s resources and opportunities. Attend training sessions, participate in races and events, and engage with fellow members. This will help you fully immerse yourself in the Bowland Fell Runners community.

Following these steps will guide you through the process of joining Bowland Fell Runners and enable you to become an active member of the club’s vibrant fell running community.

Some Facts About Bowland Fell Runners:

  • ✅ Bowland Fell Runners is a fell running club with approximately 100 members. (Source: Our Team)
  • ✅ The club’s main purpose is to promote fell running in the Forest of Bowland. (Source: Our Team)
  • ✅ Membership of Bowland Fell Runners is open to anyone who has a connection or affinity with the Forest of Bowland. (Source: Our Team)
  • ✅ The club organizes weekly training activities in and around the fells near Chipping, Lancaster, and other locations. (Source: Our Team)
  • ✅ In addition to training, Bowland Fell Runners also participate in races and organize social events for its members. (Source: Our Team)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bowland Fell Runners club and its main purpose?

The Bowland Fell Runners club is a fell running club with around 100 members. Its main purpose is to promote fell running in the Forest of Bowland.

Who can become a member of the Bowland Fell Runners club?

Membership is open to anyone who has a connection or affinity with the Forest of Bowland area.

What are the weekly activities organized by the Bowland Fell Runners club?

The club organizes weekly training activities in and around the fells near Chipping, Lancaster, and other locations.

Does the Bowland Fell Runners club participate in races?

Yes, in addition to training, the club also participates in races.

Is socializing an important aspect of the Bowland Fell Runners club?

Yes, socializing is an important aspect of the club, with members coming together for social events.

What was Ellis Bland’s experience of running the Bowland 1500’s?

Ellis Bland shares his experience of doing the Bowland 1500’s as a training run for the Montane Cheviot Goat. He found the run challenging but enjoyable, despite tough conditions.

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