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Discover the Thrill of Calder Valley Fell Runners – Embrace Nature and Fitness

Calder Valley Fell Runners, originally known as Todmorden Harriers, is a renowned running club based in the beautiful Calder Valley in West Yorkshire, England. The club focuses on fell running, which involves running over rough and hilly terrain, often in the mountains. With a rich history dating back several decades, Calder Valley Fell Runners have established themselves as a prominent force in the fell running community.

The club boasts a diverse membership base, ranging from beginners to experienced runners, all united by their passion for the sport. To join Calder Valley Fell Runners, individuals can simply attend one of their regular training sessions and become a member through an annual fee.

The club operates under a committee structure, with dedicated leaders managing various aspects of club operations. Committee roles include chairperson, treasurer, secretary, and other important positions that ensure the smooth functioning of the club.

Calder Valley Fell Runners offer comprehensive training and coaching programs to cater to runners of all skill levels. The club’s training schedule includes regular group runs and specific sessions designed to improve endurance, strength, and technique. Coaching programs are available for those seeking personalized guidance and support to enhance their running performance.

The club has a remarkable track record of achievements in various fell running races and events. Members have participated in prestigious races across the UK, with notable results and podium finishes. The club also organizes its own races, providing opportunities for both members and non-members to test their skills on challenging terrains.

Community and social activities play an integral role in the club’s ethos. Calder Valley Fell Runners organize group runs for members to explore the stunning landscapes of the Calder Valley together. Social events, such as club dinners and gatherings, foster a sense of camaraderie among members. The club actively engages in fundraising and community involvement initiatives, supporting local causes and giving back to the community.

Whether you are an experienced fell runner or a novice eager to explore the world of fell running, Calder Valley Fell Runners provides a welcoming and supportive community of like-minded individuals who share a love for the sport and the natural beauty of the Calder Valley.

Key takeaway:

  • Calder Valley Fell Runners is a community of runners who participate in off-road running in the Calder Valley region.
  • The club has a rich history and has been organizing fell races for many years.
  • Becoming a member of Calder Valley Fell Runners is possible by following the joining process outlined on their website.
  • The club has a committee and various leadership roles responsible for managing the activities and ensuring the smooth functioning of the club.
  • Training and coaching programs are offered to club members, including a schedule of training sessions to improve fitness and performance.
  • Calder Valley Fell Runners have achieved success in past races and events, with notable results and achievements.
  • The club also organizes upcoming races and challenges, providing opportunities for members to test their abilities.
  • In addition to running, the club fosters a sense of community through group runs and social events.
  • Calder Valley Fell Runners actively engage in fundraising and community involvement activities.

What are Calder Valley Fell Runners?

Calder Valley Fell Runners is a running club based in the Calder Valley region of West Yorkshire, England. It is focused on the sport of fell running, which involves running over rugged, hilly, and often mountainous terrain.

Key aspects of Calder Valley Fell Runners:

  1. Club Activities: Calder Valley Fell Runners organizes various activities related to fell running. This includes training sessions, group runs, races, and social events for its members.
  2. Fell Running: Fell running is a unique discipline that combines elements of trail running and orienteering. It typically takes place in upland areas, including fells, moors, and mountains, and often involves steep ascents and descents.
  3. Membership: Calder Valley Fell Runners welcomes runners of all abilities and experience levels. Whether beginners or seasoned athletes, individuals can join the club to be part of a supportive community and improve their fell running skills.
  4. Competitive Racing: The club participates in various local, regional, and national fell running races. Members have the opportunity to represent Calder Valley Fell Runners and compete against other clubs and individuals in challenging and scenic environments.
  5. Training and Coaching: Calder Valley Fell Runners provides training and coaching opportunities to help members develop their running techniques, improve fitness, and enhance their performance in fell running races.
  6. Community and Camaraderie: Being part of Calder Valley Fell Runners offers a sense of community and camaraderie among like-minded individuals who share a passion for fell running. The club fosters a supportive and inclusive environment for runners to connect and engage with fellow enthusiasts.
  7. Promoting Outdoor Exploration: Calder Valley Fell Runners encourages its members to explore and appreciate the beauty of the natural landscapes in the Calder Valley and surrounding areas. Fell running provides an opportunity to experience the outdoors and connect with nature.

Calder Valley Fell Runners is a vibrant club that brings together individuals passionate about fell running, providing opportunities for training, racing, and a sense of belonging within the fell running community.

History of Calder Valley Fell Runners

The Calder Valley Fell Runners club has a rich history that dates back several decades. Here is a brief overview of their history:

Formation: The club was formed in 2024 by a group of passionate runners who shared a love for the challenging terrain and scenic landscapes of the Calder Valley in Barking.

Early Years: In its early years, the club focused on local fell races and building a strong community of fell runners. They participated in various races across the region, honing their skills and developing a reputation for their grit and determination.

Club Growth: Over time, the Calder Valley Fell Runners club grew in size and popularity. More members joined, including both experienced fell runners and newcomers to the sport. The club fostered a welcoming and supportive environment for runners of all abilities.

Competitive Success: The club’s commitment to training, camaraderie, and a love for the sport paid off in terms of competitive success. Calder Valley Fell Runners began to make their mark in local, regional, and national fell running competitions, with members achieving podium finishes and setting impressive course records.

Community Involvement: The club has always been deeply involved in the local community. They have organized and supported charity races, hosted training camps and workshops, and actively promoted the sport of fell running to encourage more people to get involved.

Present Day: Today, the Calder Valley Fell Runners club continues to thrive. They have a diverse membership, ranging from recreational runners to elite athletes. The club organizes regular training sessions, social events, and participates in a wide range of fell races throughout the year.

Future Aspirations: Looking ahead, the Calder Valley Fell Runners club remains committed to nurturing the next generation of fell runners and promoting the sport within the local community. They aim to continue their competitive success while upholding the values of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and a deep respect for the natural environment.

In summary, the history of the Calder Valley Fell Runners is one of passion, growth, competitive achievement, and community involvement. They have left a lasting impact on the fell running scene and continue to inspire and support runners in their pursuit of the sport.

Membership and Structure

The Calder Valley Fell Runners club has a well-defined membership and structure that enables runners to be part of a supportive community and participate in various activities related to fell running.


  • Open to All: The club welcomes runners of all abilities, whether beginners or experienced fell runners.
  • Membership Options: There are different membership options available, including individual membership for adults and junior membership for young runners.
  • Joining Process: Prospective members can join the club by completing a membership form and paying the required membership fee.
  • Benefits: Being a member offers various benefits, such as access to club training sessions, participation in club events and races, discounts at selected running stores, and the opportunity to be part of a supportive running community.

Club Structure:

  • Committee: The club is governed by a committee that consists of elected members who oversee the club’s operations and make decisions on behalf of the members.
  • Club Officers: The committee comprises various club officers, including a chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and other positions responsible for specific aspects of club management.
  • Subcommittees: The club may have subcommittees or working groups dedicated to specific areas, such as organizing races, managing training sessions, or promoting the club’s activities.
  • Coaches and Leaders: The club may have qualified coaches and leaders who organize training sessions, provide guidance, and support members in their running journeys.

By having a structured membership system and a dedicated committee, the Calder Valley Fell Runners club ensures that runners can enjoy the benefits of being part of a community while participating in the exciting sport of fell running.

How to Join Calder Valley Fell Runners?

When looking to join Calder Valley Fell Runners, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Calder Valley Fell Runners website.
  2. Navigate to the Membership section.
  3. Find the membership application form.
  4. Fill out the required details, including personal information and emergency contacts.
  5. Choose the type of membership you are interested in – individual, family, or junior.
  6. Pay the membership fee as specified on the website.
  7. Submit your completed membership application and payment.
  8. Await confirmation of your membership from Calder Valley Fell Runners.
  9. Once confirmed, you will receive information about club activities, training sessions, and upcoming races.
  10. Start participating in training sessions and group runs to further immerse yourself in the club’s activities and build connections with fellow members.
  11. Stay updated with club announcements through the website, newsletters, and social media channels.
  12. Take advantage of the community and social activities available, including group runs and social events.
  13. Get involved in fundraising efforts and community initiatives organized by Calder Valley Fell Runners.

By following these steps, you can easily join Calder Valley Fell Runners and become part of a vibrant running community.

Committee and Leadership Roles

The committee and leadership roles are vital for the functioning and success of Calder Valley Fell Runners. Here are some important details regarding these roles:

  • Committee structure: Calder Valley Fell Runners has a dedicated committee that oversees the organization’s operations. The committee consists of individuals elected by the members and is responsible for making significant decisions and setting strategic goals.
  • Leadership roles: Within the committee, specific leadership roles are assigned to individuals based on their skills and expertise. These roles include the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and other necessary positions for the efficient running of the organization.
  • Responsibilities: Every leadership role has specific responsibilities. The Chairperson leads and guides the committee, ensures effective communication, and drives the organization’s vision. The Secretary handles administrative tasks, maintains records, and manages correspondence. The Treasurer oversees financial matters, including budgeting and financial reporting.
  • Election process: Members of Calder Valley Fell Runners elect both committee members and leadership roles. The election process is conducted democratically to allow members to have a say in selecting individuals they believe will effectively lead the organization.
  • Term limits: Committee and leadership roles generally have defined term limits to ensure regular turnover and bring in fresh perspectives. This allows for increased participation and opportunities for members to contribute to the organization’s growth and development.

The committee and leadership roles of Calder Valley Fell Runners are crucial for the smooth operation and advancement of the organization, ensuring its continuous support and promotion of the sport of fell running.

Training and Coaching

Get ready to put on your running shoes as we delve into the realm of training and coaching for Calder Valley Fell Runners. Uncover the secrets behind their success and how they attain peak performance. From their thorough training timetable and exhilarating sessions to their exceptional coaching programmes and unwavering support, we will reveal the winning strategies that keep these runners at the pinnacle of their sport. So, let’s get started and explore the incredible training and coaching methods that propel the Calder Valley Fell Runners to new heights!

Training Schedule and Sessions

Training Schedule Sessions Offered
Monday Speed and interval training
Tuesday Hill repeats
Wednesday Rest day
Thursday Tempo runs
Friday Easy recovery runs
Saturday Long runs
Sunday Cross-training or rest day

These sessions are led by experienced coaches who provide guidance and support to help runners achieve their goals. The training schedule includes a mix of speed work, hill training, tempo runs, and long runs to improve endurance, speed, and strength.

It’s important for runners to listen to their bodies and adjust the training schedule according to their individual needs and fitness levels. It’s also recommended to gradually increase the intensity and duration of the sessions to avoid injuries and promote progress.

Fact: Regular training sessions help runners develop the necessary skills and stamina to excel in the challenging sport of fell running.

Coaching Programs and Support

Coaching Programs and Support are at the heart of what Calder Valley Fell Runners offers. We provide a comprehensive range of services designed to help members improve their performance. Our tailored training schedules and sessions focus on enhancing both physical fitness and technical skills, aiming to meet the needs of individual runners. The key goal of our training programs is to improve running proficiency.

Our coaching programs are overseen by experienced coaches who create a supportive and motivating environment. They offer personalized guidance and feedback to assist runners in achieving their goals. Our programs cater to all levels of proficiency, whether you’re a beginner looking to develop basic running techniques or an experienced runner aiming to improve speed and endurance.

In addition to the scheduled training sessions, our coaching team provides ongoing support. This includes access to expert advice, tips, and resources that can further enhance your performance. Our overall aim is to foster a sense of community and camaraderie among our members, encouraging mutual encouragement and shared learning opportunities.

If you’re in search of a club that excels in coaching programs and support, put Calder Valley Fell Runners at the top of your list. We strive to ensure that every member receives the guidance and assistance they need to achieve their running goals.

Achievements and Events

With an impressive track record and exciting events on the horizon, let’s explore the achievements and upcoming challenges of Calder Valley Fell Runners. From previous races filled with determination and grit to the anticipation of new races and ambitious undertakings, this section offers a glimpse into the exhilarating world of this renowned running community. Prepare to be inspired by their triumphs, immerse yourself in the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere, and join in on the excitement of their upcoming adventures.

Past Races and Results

  • Calder Valley Fell Runners organized multiple highly competitive races last year and achieved impressive results.
  • The club’s members demonstrated their endurance and navigation skills in the annual Calderdale Way Relay, a team event that covers 50 miles of challenging moorland terrain. They finished among the top positions.
  • Calder Valley Fell Runners showcased their speed and agility in the West Yorkshire Winter League, a series of cross-country races. The team consistently secured podium positions, highlighting their strong running abilities.
  • At the British Fell Relay Championship, the club’s members displayed their collective strength and determination and achieved a commendable overall position.
  • Calder Valley Fell Runners delivered outstanding individual performances at the National Fell Running Championships. Several members achieved top finishes in their respective age categories.
  • The participation of Calder Valley Fell Runners in various races such as the Yorkshire Three Peaks, Edale Skyline, and Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay demonstrated their competitiveness against strong opponents.

Upcoming Races and Challenges

  • The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge: This challenging race involves summiting three of Yorkshire’s highest peaks – Pen-y-ghent, Whernside, and Ingleborough. Participants will cover a distance of 24 miles and climb a total of 5,200 feet.
  • The Calderdale Way Ultra: A grueling ultra-marathon covering 50 miles along the scenic Calderdale Way. This race tests the endurance and determination of runners as they navigate through diverse terrains and steep climbs.
  • The Hardmoors 55: A demanding race spanning 55 miles along the scenic Cleveland Way. Runners will experience breathtaking coastal views and challenging climbs as they tackle this ultra-marathon.
  • The Yorkshire Dales Triathlon: A multi-disciplinary challenge that combines fell running, road cycling, and open water swimming in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales. Participants will push their limits in this ultimate test of fitness and skills.
  • The Pennine Barrier Ultra: A formidable ultra-marathon covering 50 miles through the rugged Pennine hills. Runners will face steep ascents and descents as they navigate through this challenging course.

Pro-tip: Before participating in any upcoming race or challenge, ensure you adequately train and prepare yourself mentally and physically. Familiarise yourself with the course, hydrate well, and listen to your body during training and on race day. Good luck with your upcoming races and challenges!

Community and Social Activities

Calder Valley Fell Runners is a vibrant community that organises various social activities. These activities include invigorating group runs in the picturesque valley and engaging social events that bring fellow runners together. The members of Calder Valley Fell Runners are passionate about giving back to the community through fundraising initiatives and active involvement in local events. With their energetic spirit and shared love for the sport, they are not only pursuing their running dreams but also making a positive difference.

Group Runs and Social Events

Group runs and social events are a crucial component of the Calder Valley Fell Runners community, facilitating opportunities for members to connect, train together, and nurture a sense of camaraderie. Here are some vital elements encompassing group runs and social events:

Regular group runs: Members have the chance to participate in scheduled group runs, catering to diverse fitness levels and distances. These runs provide an opportunity to explore the breathtaking countryside surrounding Calder Valley while enjoying the company of fellow runners.

Structured training sessions: Alongside group runs, the club organizes well-structured training sessions under the guidance of experienced coaches. These sessions focus on various aspects of fell running, including hill training, intervals, and technique enhancement, effectively assisting members in improving their performance.

Social gatherings and events: The club arranges social events and gatherings, such as post-run meals, barbecues, and parties, where members can unwind, socialize, and celebrate their achievements. These events foster a supportive and inclusive community spirit.

Special themed runs: From time to time, the club organizes special themed runs, incorporating elements like fancy dress or seasonal celebrations, to instill excitement and fun into the regular training routine. Such runs create a positive and joyful atmosphere within the club.

Competition and race support: Group runs often serve as a platform for members to train together and prepare for upcoming races and challenges. The club offers support, guidance, and motivation to all members, ensuring they are well-prepared and motivated for their races.

Participating in group runs and attending social events allows members of Calder Valley Fell Runners to not only enjoy the sport but also enhance their running abilities, develop meaningful relationships, and create cherished memories within a supportive and vibrant community.

Fundraising and Community Involvement

  • Calder Valley Fell Runners organization places great emphasis on both fundraising and community involvement. These two aspects are integral to their mission and values.
  • The organization actively organizes a variety of fundraising events to support local charities and community projects. These events include sponsored runs, charity auctions, and raffles.
  • Calder Valley Fell Runners also collaborates with local educational institutions, community centers, and other organizations to conduct community outreach programs. These programs focus on promoting health and well-being through running clinics, workshops, and fitness events.
  • Volunteer work is another important aspect of the organization. Members actively participate in activities such as organizing cleanup drives, assisting in local events, and supporting community initiatives.
  • Establishing partnerships with local businesses is a key strategy for Calder Valley Fell Runners. These partnerships help sponsor events, provide resources, and support community projects, thus enhancing community engagement.

Calder Valley Fell Runners strongly encourages its members to actively engage in fundraising and community involvement activities. By doing so, they aim to foster a strong sense of community, promote a healthy and active lifestyle, and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

If you’re interested in joining Calder Valley Fell Runners and contributing to fundraising and community involvement, don’t hesitate to reach out to the organization. Together, we can create a supportive environment and make a real difference in the community.

Some Facts About Calder Valley Fell Runners:

  • ✅ Calder Valley Fell Runners is a private club located in Mytholmroyd, England, United Kingdom.
  • ✅ They claim to be the home of the fastest and friendliest fell runners in West Yorkshire.
  • ✅ Calder Valley Fell Runners had impressive results at the Golf Ball Fell Race, with winners in various categories including overall and age categories.
  • ✅ Stephen Smithies and George Kettlewell, members of Calder Valley Fell Runners, competed against each other at the Pendleton Fell Race.
  • ✅ Helen Buchan from Calder Valley Fell Runners claimed the 3rd Female Vet’s prize at the Grasmere Guides Race.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many members does Calder Valley Fell Runners have?

Calder Valley Fell Runners currently has 166 members, along with 162 other members on the app.

2. What were the excellent results achieved by Calder Valley Fell Runners recently?

Calder Valley Fell Runners had an impressive week with excellent results at two local races and a Lakeland classic. Stephen Hall placed 3rd overall in the Golf Ball Fell Race, and Stephen Smithies came in 2nd in the V55 category. Tony Steward won the V70 category, and Fiona Lynch won the FV45 category. At the Pendleton Fell Race, Stephen Smithies finished 3rd in the MV50 category and 12th overall. Helen Buchan from Calder Valley Fell Runners claimed the 3rd Female Vet’s prize at the Grasmere Guides Race.

3. What hint did George Kettlewell give about a potential future race?

During the Pendleton Fell Race, George Kettlewell mentioned feeling flat but hinted at a potential rematch with Stephen Hall in ‘the Ben’ (Ben Nevis) race, indicating that both runners will be participating next week.

4. How did Calder Valley Fell Runners perform in the Rossendale Harriers Midweek Fell Series?

There is no information available about Calder Valley Fell Runners’ performance in the Rossendale Harriers Midweek Fell Series in the provided reference data.

5. How many races did Calder Valley Fell Runners participate in the previous week?

The reference data does not specify the total number of races Calder Valley Fell Runners participated in during the previous week.

6. When did the Grasmere Guides Race take place?

The Grasmere Guides Race took place on the 28th of August, 2023, as part of the Grasmere Lakeland Sports and Show.

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