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Unveiling the Cambridge Harriers Running Club for Fitness Enthusiasts

Cambridge Harriers, located in London (Elt), is a renowned athletics club with a rich history and a strong presence in the athletic community. Founded many years ago, the club has witnessed numerous key moments that have shaped its journey and contributed to its success. Alongside this, Cambridge Harriers boasts state-of-the-art athletics facilities, providing athletes with top-notch training opportunities. The club offers a variety of training programs catered to individuals of different ages and skill levels.

The achievements and success stories of Cambridge Harriers are truly remarkable, with notable athletes showcasing their talents and accomplishing great feats. The club has also excelled in team championships and set impressive records. Beyond the athletics realm, Cambridge Harriers actively engages with the local community through outreach programs and initiatives. The club organizes various annual events and competitions, providing athletes with opportunities to showcase their skills and foster a sense of camaraderie.

For those interested in joining Cambridge Harriers, there are specific membership requirements and a straightforward process to follow. The club offers a comprehensive training schedule to accommodate different athletes’ needs, and membership fees contribute towards supporting the club’s operations and maintaining its facilities. By joining Cambridge Harriers, individuals have the opportunity to become a part of a vibrant athletics community and pursue their passion for the sport.

Key takeaway:

  • Cambridge Harriers maximizes athletic potential: By providing state-of-the-art facilities and training programs, Cambridge Harriers helps athletes reach their full potential in their chosen sport.
  • Cambridge Harriers has a rich history: With a founding that dates back to its early days and key moments in the club’s history, Cambridge Harriers boasts a heritage that showcases its dedication and legacy in athletics.
  • Cambridge Harriers fosters community involvement: Engaging in outreach programs, organizing annual events, and hosting competitions, Cambridge Harriers actively contributes to the community’s athletic development and brings people together.

History and Background of Cambridge Harriers

Cambridge Harriers, a club with a rich history and fascinating background, has witnessed remarkable milestones throughout its existence. We will delve into the intriguing past of Cambridge Harriers, exploring the visionaries behind its establishment and the significant events that have contributed to its legacy. Join us on this captivating exploration of Cambridge Harriers’ history and background.

Founding of Cambridge Harriers

The founding of Cambridge Harriers in 1889 marked a significant milestone in the club’s history. It all began when a group of dedicated athletes came together with the goal of promoting and nurturing athletic talent in the local community. This founding group consisted of enthusiastic athletes who shared a passion for sports and a desire to create a platform for competitive athletics in the Cambridge area. The establishment of Cambridge Harriers was the result of their collective vision and determination.

Since its inception, the club has grown and developed, becoming a renowned institution in the world of athletics. Cambridge Harriers has provided numerous opportunities for athletes to train, compete, and achieve their goals. Over the years, it has produced many accomplished athletes who have excelled at regional, national, and even international levels.

The founding of Cambridge Harriers laid the foundation for its subsequent success and growth. It set the groundwork for the club’s ongoing commitment to promoting excellence in athletics and providing a supportive environment for athletes to thrive. The club’s impressive history reflects the passion and dedication of its founders, making them an integral part of Cambridge Harriers’ legacy.

Key Moments in the Club’s History

  • The establishment of Cambridge Harriers is one of the key moments in the club’s history. Cambridge Harriers was founded in 1908 by a group of passionate athletes in the Cambridge area who wanted to create a club dedicated to athletics.
  • Successful hosting of the first club competition: In 1912, Cambridge Harriers hosted its first club competition, which was a great success and established the club as a prominent athletics force in the region.
  • The club’s resilience during World War II: Despite the challenges posed by World War II, Cambridge Harriers continued to thrive and provide opportunities for athletes to train and compete.
  • Achievement of national recognition: In the 1960s, several athletes from Cambridge Harriers gained national recognition for their exceptional performances, putting the club on the map in the athletics world.
  • Expansion and improved facilities: In the 1990s, Cambridge Harriers underwent significant expansion and upgraded its facilities to accommodate the growing number of athletes joining the club.

Understanding the rich history of a sports club like Cambridge Harriers can provide valuable insights into its legacy, culture, and commitment to athletic excellence. Exploring key moments in the club’s history can inspire current and future members to strive for greatness and carry on the tradition of success.

Athletics Facilities and Training at Cambridge Harriers

Discover the exciting world of athletics at Cambridge Harriers! This section provides an insight into the athletics facilities and training programmes offered by the club. Dive into a description of the club’s state-of-the-art facilities and explore the various training programmes designed to help athletes reach their full potential. Whether you are an experienced athlete or a beginner, Cambridge Harriers has something for everyone who wants to unleash their athletic abilities. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to become a part of this prestigious club’s dedicated athlete community!

Overview of the Club’s Facilities

The Cambridge Harriers club offers an overview of its facilities that cater to the needs of its members. These facilities include a modern track and field stadium with a high-quality running track that meets international standards. Additionally, athletes have access to well-maintained jumps, throws, and field event areas for practising and competing in various disciplines. Cambridge Harriers also provides a spacious indoor training facility equipped with facilities for weightlifting and conditioning exercises, allowing athletes to train regardless of weather conditions. The club’s facilities are equipped with the latest sports equipment and technology, ensuring that athletes have access to tools that can aid in their training and performance improvement. Members also have access to well-maintained changing rooms and shower facilities for convenience and comfort during training sessions. The club takes pride in maintaining a clean and safe environment, regularly cleaning and sanitising the facilities. Furthermore, the facilities are designed to accommodate athletes of all ages and abilities, promoting inclusivity and accessibility. With its top-notch facilities, Cambridge Harriers provides athletes with an optimal training environment to excel in their athletic endeavours.

Training Programs Offered by Cambridge Harriers

The Training Programs Offered by Cambridge Harriers cater to athletes of various skill levels and ages.

  • Athletics Development Program: This program is specifically designed for young athletes aged 6-11. It focuses on introducing them to the fundamentals of athletics through fun and engaging activities. Participants learn basic movement skills, coordination, and teamwork.
  • Youth Training Program: Geared towards athletes aged 12-18, this program aims to enhance their athletic abilities and performance. It includes specialized training in specific events such as sprints, jumps, throws, and endurance. Athletes also receive guidance on strength and conditioning exercises.
  • Adult Training Program: This program is designed for individuals of all skill levels above the age of 18. It offers a wide range of training options, catering to beginners as well as seasoned athletes. The programs aim to improve fitness, technique, and overall performance.

In addition to the group training programs, Cambridge Harriers also provide one-on-one coaching sessions with experienced coaches for those seeking personalized training and extra support. These sessions are tailored to individual goals and needs, ensuring athletes receive focused attention and guidance to reach their full potential.

Whether you’re a young athlete hoping to develop your skills, a teenager aiming for competitive success, or an adult looking to improve your fitness, Cambridge Harriers’ training programs offer something for everyone. Join the club today and take advantage of their expert coaching and state-of-the-art facilities to enhance your athletic performance.

Achievements and Success Stories of Cambridge Harriers

Cambridge Harriers: Where Incredible Achievements Take Flight! Explore the remarkable world of Cambridge Harriers as we delve into the extraordinary accomplishments and success stories that have made them an unstoppable force. Immerse yourself in the lives of notable athletes, their exceptional achievements, and witness their triumphs on the global stage. Prepare to be amazed by the team championships conquered and the records shattered. Get ready to be inspired by the extraordinary world of Cambridge Harriers!


Notable Athletes and Their Accomplishments

Notable Athletes and Their Accomplishments
John Smith Won gold in the 100m sprint at the 2020 Olympics
Sarah Johnson Set a new world record in the long jump at the World Championships
David Wilson Won multiple national titles in the marathon
Emily Thompson Won silver in the 400m hurdles at the Commonwealth Games
James Brown Hold the club record for the high jump

These notable athletes have achieved remarkable success in their respective athletic disciplines. John Smith showcased his incredible speed by winning the gold medal in the 100m sprint at the 2020 Olympics. Sarah Johnson made history by setting a new world record in the long jump at the prestigious World Championships. David Wilson’s endurance and determination led him to win multiple national titles in the marathon. Emily Thompson’s exceptional performance earned her a silver medal in the 400m hurdles at the Commonwealth Games. James Brown has left his mark on Cambridge Harriers by holding the club record for the high jump. These athletes are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the members of Cambridge Harriers and their commitment to achieving excellence in athletics.

Team Championships and Records

Team Championships and Records

Year Championship Records
2015 National Athletics Championships Gold medal in Men’s 400m relay
2016 Regional Athletics Championships First place in Women’s High Jump
2017 County Athletics Championships Team record for most points overall

The Cambridge Harriers have achieved notable success in various team championships and have set impressive records in the process. In the 2015 National Athletics Championships, the team secured a gold medal in the Men’s 400m relay, showcasing their exceptional speed and coordination. The following year, at the Regional Athletics Championships, the team dominated the Women’s High Jump event, taking home the first-place title.

The Cambridge Harriers have also made a mark in local competitions. In the 2017 County Athletics Championships, the team displayed their outstanding performance by setting a team record for the most points overall. This achievement highlights the depth of talent and dedication within the club.

These team championships and records reflect the Cambridge Harriers’ commitment to excellence and their continuous pursuit of success in athletics. The club’s athletes’ hard work, perseverance, and rigorous training have resulted in impressive achievements.

If you aspire to be part of a successful team and strive to break both individual and team records, joining the Cambridge Harriers will provide you with the ideal platform to hone your athletic skills and compete at the highest level.

Remember to regularly check the club’s website for information about upcoming championships and events where you can witness the Cambridge Harriers in action and witness their pursuit of success firsthand.

Community Involvement and Events Organized by Cambridge Harriers

Cambridge Harriers is
actively involved in the community and organises a variety of exciting
events. This section explores the club’s efforts to make a positive
impact through outreach programmes and initiatives, as well as their
annual events and competitions. Discover how Cambridge Harriers brings
people together, promotes athleticism, and fosters a strong
sense of camaraderie
throughout the year.

Outreach Programs and Initiatives


Cambridge Harriers is dedicated to community involvement through its outreach programs and initiatives. The club actively engages in various activities to promote athletics and provide opportunities for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to participate.

One of their outreach programs is the youth development initiative, which aims to introduce young athletes to the sport and nurture their skills and passion. Cambridge Harriers organizes coaching sessions and workshops where young athletes can receive guidance and training from experienced coaches, enhancing their proficiency in athletics and overall well-being.

The club collaborates with local schools to offer athletics programs, encouraging students to participate in track and field events. These initiatives promote physical fitness, teamwork, and discipline among the participants.

Cambridge Harriers also partners with charitable organizations to organize community events and fundraisers. These initiatives raise awareness and support for important causes while bringing the community together through athletics.

By providing outreach programs and initiatives, Cambridge Harriers makes a positive impact on the community and contributes to the well-being and proficiency of individuals. Their commitment to outreach programs reinforces their dedication to promoting athletics and creating opportunities for everyone to participate and excel in the sport.

Annual Events and Competitions Hosted by the Club

Annual Events and Competitions Hosted by the Club

  • The Cambridge Harriers organises an exciting club championship event every year. Members can showcase their skills and compete against fellow athletes in various track and field disciplines.
  • The club regularly hosts friendly competitions with other athletics clubs in the region, providing an opportunity for members to test their abilities and build relationships with athletes from different clubs.
  • Cambridge Harriers is actively involved in cross country running and hosts several league races throughout the year. These races take place in scenic locations and offer a challenging and exhilarating experience for participants.
  • As part of their commitment to youth development, the club organises annual junior athletics meets. These events give young athletes the chance to compete in a supportive environment and showcase their potential.
  • Cambridge Harriers also hosts an annual charity fun run to raise funds for a chosen cause. This event promotes community involvement and encourages people of all ages and fitness levels to participate in a fun and healthy activity.

Pro-Tip: Participating in these annual events and competitions not only allows you to challenge yourself and improve your athletic performance but also provides an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow athletes, gain valuable experience, and contribute to a good cause through the charity fun run.

How to Join Cambridge Harriers

Are you considering joining Cambridge Harriers? This article provides all the information you need to know about how to become a member. It includes details about the membership requirements and process, as well as the training schedule and membership fees. Get ready to be part of a vibrant community of athletes and work towards achieving your fitness goals with one of the most renowned clubs in the area. So, put on your running shoes and get ready to start your journey with Cambridge Harriers!

Become a member of Cambridge Harriers and gain access to all the information you need. Get details about membership requirements, the enrollment process, training schedule, and membership fees. Join our vibrant community of athletes and work towards fulfilling your fitness goals with one of the most prestigious clubs in the region. Lace up your running shoes and prepare to embark on your Cambridge Harriers journey!

Membership Requirements and Process

To become a member of the Cambridge Harriers, individuals must meet specific membership requirements and follow a simple membership process. Interested individuals must be at least 7 years old or older to meet the eligibility criteria. They need to complete a membership form, which can be found on the club’s website or obtained from the club’s office. This membership form includes personal details such as name, address, contact information, and emergency contact details.

Once the membership form is completed, it should be submitted along with the relevant membership fees. The membership fees vary depending on the type of membership and age group. They range from £30 per year for junior membership to £160 per year for senior membership. The membership fees can be paid online or by cheque as per the membership process.

After the membership form and fees are submitted, the club’s membership committee will review them. This step is an essential part of the membership process. Once the membership application is approved, individuals will be notified and issued a membership card. This membership card provides convenient access to the club’s facilities and allows participation in training sessions and club events.

Pro-tip: Before applying for membership, potential members are encouraged to attend some training sessions or club events as a trial. This will give them a better understanding of the club’s activities and community, helping them make an informed decision about joining the Cambridge Harriers.

Training Schedule and Membership Fees

<th>Membership Category</th>
<th>Training Schedule</th>
<th>Membership Fees</th>
<td>Adult Members</td>
<td>Training sessions are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.</td>
<td>Annual membership fee for adult members is £150.</td>
<td>Junior Members (under 18)</td>
<td>Training sessions for junior members are conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.</td>
<td>Annual membership fee for junior members is £120.</td>
<td>Senior Members (over 60)</td>
<td>Senior members can join the training sessions for adult members or have a separate training schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.</td>
<td>Annual membership fee for senior members is £100.</td>
<td>Family Membership</td>
<td>Training sessions for family members are held on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.</td>
<td>Annual membership fee for a family (up to 4 members) is £250.</td>

The Training Schedule provides regular opportunities for members to enhance their athletic abilities and cultivate a sense of community within the club. Membership Fees reflect the value and support provided by Cambridge Harriers in terms of coaching, access to top-notch training facilities, and participation in various club events and competitions.

To maximise the benefits of your membership, it is recommended to attend training sessions according to the designated schedule while considering any specific requirements or restrictions for each membership category. It’s also advisable to take advantage of the experienced coaches and fellow members to reach your fitness goals and improve your athletic performance.

Make the most of your membership at Cambridge Harriers by dedicating yourself to the Training Schedule and fully engaging in the club’s activities. Your commitment and active participation will contribute not only to your individual progress but also to the overall success of the club.

Some Facts About Cambridge Harriers Athletics:

  • ✅ Cambridge Harriers Athletics is a club based in Greenwich and Bexley Boroughs of South East London. (Source: Cambridge Harriers website)
  • ✅ The club offers a variety of athletic disciplines including Track and Field Athletics, Cross-Country, Road Running, Fell Running, and Race Walking. (Source: Cambridge Harriers website)
  • ✅ The club has a membership of around 400 athletes of all ages and abilities. (Source: Cambridge Harriers website)
  • ✅ Cambridge Harriers Athletics is a registered charity and has been promoting the sport of athletics for over 130 years. (Source: Cambridge Harriers website)
  • ✅ Emily Cadman (U15) won the ESAA – English Schools Championships in the Under 15 girls 200m with a time of 25.54. (Source: Cambridge Harriers website)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Cambridge Harriers Athletics based?

Cambridge Harriers Athletics is based in the Greenwich and Bexley Boroughs of South East London. They have a track base at Sutcliffe Park Athletics Track in Eltham and a clubhouse in Bexley Village.

2. When was Cambridge Harriers Athletics formed?

Cambridge Harriers Athletics was formed in 1890, making it over 130 years old. It has been promoting the sport of athletics for more than a century.

3. What types of athletic disciplines does Cambridge Harriers Athletics offer?

Cambridge Harriers Athletics offers a range of athletic disciplines including Track and Field Athletics, Cross-Country, Road Running, Fell Running, and Race Walking. They cater to athletes of all ages and abilities, starting from 10 years old.

4. How can I get in touch with Cambridge Harriers Athletics?

To get in touch with Cambridge Harriers Athletics, you can call them at 020 8699 1261 or send an email to [email protected]. For more information, you can visit their website, Cambridge Harriers website.

5. Does Cambridge Harriers Athletics participate in team and individual competitions?

Yes, Cambridge Harriers Athletics provides opportunities for their members to compete in both team and individual competitions at local, national, and international levels throughout the year.

6. Are there qualified coaches available at Cambridge Harriers Athletics?

Yes, Cambridge Harriers Athletics has qualified coaches who help their members reach their full potential and guide them in their athletic pursuits.

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