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Discover the Vibrant Student Life at Falmouth & Exeter Students Union

Falmouth & Exeter Students Union (Carn Brea), located at the Carn Brea campus, is a vibrant hub of student life and activities. Situated in a picturesque setting, the campus offers a range of excellent facilities and services to cater to the diverse needs and interests of students. The renowned students union provides a variety of support services, clubs, societies, sports and fitness facilities, as well as food and dining options.

The campus itself is equipped with modern facilities and is conveniently located, providing students with a comfortable and conducive environment for their studies and extracurricular activities. The students union plays a crucial role in enhancing the student experience and fostering a sense of community among students.

Some of the services and facilities offered by Falmouth & Exeter Students Union (Carn Brea) include student support services to cater to their academic, personal, and welfare needs. It also offers a wide range of societies and clubs to help students pursue their interests and hobbies, as well as sports and fitness facilities to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

The students union provides various food and dining options within the campus, ensuring that students have access to nutritious and delicious meals throughout the day.

The students union organizes a range of events and activities throughout the year to engage and entertain students. These include the highly anticipated Freshers Week, which provides new students with an opportunity to socialize and familiarize themselves with campus life. Workshops and guest speakers are also organized to enhance students’ skills and knowledge in various areas. Furthermore, sports competitions and tournaments are held to encourage students to participate in physical activities and showcase their talents.

Getting involved in the students union at Carn Brea offers students numerous opportunities to make the most of their university experience. They can become representatives and actively contribute to decision-making processes, join societies or clubs to meet like-minded individuals, and explore volunteering opportunities to give back to the community.

Falmouth & Exeter Students Union (Carn Brea) is dedicated to ensuring a fulfilling and enriching student experience, supporting students in their academic pursuits, personal growth, and overall well-being.

Key takeaway:

  • Falmouth & Exeter Students Union maximizes student support services: The union provides various support services to help students with their academic and personal needs, ensuring a positive university experience.
  • Falmouth & Exeter Students Union offers diverse societies and clubs: Students have the opportunity to join a wide range of societies and clubs catering to various interests, fostering a sense of belonging and promoting personal growth.
  • Falmouth & Exeter Students Union promotes an active and healthy student lifestyle: The union provides sports and fitness facilities, encouraging students to participate in physical activities and maintain their well-being.

About Carn Brea Campus

Located in the picturesque countryside of Cornwall, the Carn Brea Campus of the Falmouth & Exeter Students Union is a vibrant centre for both academic and extracurricular activities. Let’s explore the campus’ location, which showcases stunning landscapes and nearby attractions. Additionally, we will take a closer look at the excellent facilities that cater to the diverse needs and interests of students. Prepare yourself for an immersive experience that combines education and the beauty of nature at Carn Brea Campus.

Location and Facilities

  • The Carn Brea Campus of Falmouth & Exeter Students Union is located in a picturesque location with beautiful landscapes, offering a perfect backdrop for studying and leisure activities.
  • With its state-of-the-art facilities, the campus provides everything students need for their academic and recreational needs.
  • Equipped with well-designed classrooms and lecture halls, the campus creates an ideal learning environment.
  • One of the highlights of the campus is its modern library that offers a wide range of resources including books, journals, and online databases.
  • Students have easy access to computer labs furnished with the latest technologies and software.
  • In addition to well-equipped study areas, the campus provides quiet spaces for both individual and group work.
  • The campus also boasts excellent sports facilities, including a sports hall, gymnasium, and outdoor sports fields.
  • For those passionate about the arts, the campus features dedicated art studios, music rooms, and a performing arts theatre.
  • Catering to different tastes, the campus offers a variety of dining options including cafes, restaurants, and food trucks.
  • Comfortable accommodation options are available on-site, ensuring that students have a convenient place to stay.

In addition to these excellent facilities, Falmouth & Exeter Students Union is constantly striving to enhance the overall student experience. They regularly organize events, workshops, and invite guest speakers to broaden students’ horizons and provide engaging opportunities. Whether you’re looking for academic support, sports and fitness facilities, or a vibrant social scene, you’ll find it all at the Carn Brea Campus.

Services and Facilities Provided by Falmouth & Exeter Students Union

Discover the services and facilities provided by the Falmouth & Exeter Students Union. From valuable student support services to a wide range of clubs and societies, as well as excellent sports and fitness facilities, and a variety of delicious food and dining options, this section will guide you through the resources available to enhance your university experience. Prepare to explore a world of opportunities and make the most of your time at Falmouth & Exeter!

Student Support Services

The Falmouth & Exeter Students Union offers a range of Student Support Services to enhance the well-being and academic success of students. These services include:

  1. Academic support: To help students excel academically, the Students Union provides study skills workshops, tutorial programs, and access to academic advisors.
  2. Well-being support: The Students Union prioritizes the well-being of students by offering counseling services, mental health support, and resources to cope with challenges such as stress, anxiety, and personal issues.
  3. Financial assistance: Recognizing the financial challenges faced by students, the Students Union provides guidance and support in accessing scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial aid. They also offer advice on budgeting and managing finances.
  4. Career services: The Students Union assists students in their career development journey through workshops, career guidance sessions, and connections with potential employers. They also provide resources for job searching, CV writing, and interview preparation.
  5. Disability support: Committed to inclusivity, the Students Union offers disability support services, including exam accommodations, accessibility resources, and assistance in navigating the campus.

These Student Support Services demonstrate the dedication of the Students Union in ensuring the success of students at Falmouth & Exeter University. Comprehensive support is provided to help students thrive during their time at the university.

Societies and Clubs

Societies and clubs are an integral part of the Falmouth & Exeter Students Union, creating a lively and inclusive community for students. The Students Union offers a diverse selection of societies and clubs that cater to a range of interests and passions.

There is a wide variety of societies and clubs to choose from, including academic societies that are related to various fields of study, cultural societies that celebrate different heritages and backgrounds, and special interest societies that focus on specific hobbies or activities. Engaging in these societies and clubs allows students to pursue their interests, meet like-minded individuals, and enhance their skills and knowledge.

For instance, the Drama Society provides a platform for students to showcase their acting talents and participate in theatre productions. The Photography Club organizes workshops and events to help members improve their photography skills and share their passion for capturing memorable moments. Similarly, the Music Society holds jam sessions and concerts, which enable students to showcase their musical talents and connect with fellow musicians.

Getting involved in societies and clubs is not only a fantastic way to pursue specific interests, but also an opportunity to enhance personal development and social skills. Students can connect with others who share their interests and form lasting friendships. Moreover, these societies and clubs often organize events and activities that offer exciting experiences throughout the academic year.

To make the most of societies and clubs, students are encouraged to actively participate, attend meetings and events, and get involved in organizing activities. By doing so, they can fully immerse themselves in the student community and make their university experience even more enriching and memorable.

Therefore, I encourage you to explore the wide array of societies and clubs offered by the Falmouth & Exeter Students Union and make the most of this opportunity to pursue your passions and connect with fellow students who share similar interests.

Sports and Fitness Facilities

The Sports and Fitness Facilities at Falmouth & Exeter Students Union offer a range of options to help students stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Gymnasium: The students’ union has a well-equipped gymnasium that provides various exercise machines, free weights, and cardio equipment. It is an excellent place for students to work out and improve their fitness levels.
  • Sports Hall: The sports hall at the students’ union is a versatile space that can be used for indoor sports such as basketball, badminton, volleyball, and indoor football. It offers students the opportunity to engage in team sports and stay active.
  • Outdoor Sports Facilities: The students’ union also has outdoor sports facilities, including football and rugby pitches, tennis courts, and a running track. These facilities are ideal for students who enjoy outdoor activities and want to participate in sports.
  • Fitness Classes: The students’ union provides a range of fitness classes that cater to different interests and fitness levels. From yoga and pilates to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and dance classes, there is something for everyone.
  • Personal Training: For students who prefer individualized attention, the students’ union offers personal training services. Qualified trainers can help students set fitness goals, develop personalized workout plans, and provide guidance and support throughout their fitness journey.

The sports and fitness facilities at Falmouth & Exeter Students Union are designed to cater to the diverse needs and interests of the student community. Whether students prefer individual workouts, team sports, or group fitness classes, there are options available to help them stay active and prioritize their well-being.

Food and Dining Options

“The food and dining options at Falmouth & Exeter Students Union are diverse and cater to different preferences and dietary needs. Here is a table providing an overview of the Food and Dining Options available:

Dining Option Description
Cafe The on-campus café offers a range of hot and cold beverages, sandwiches, salads, and snacks for those looking for a quick bite in between classes.
Restaurant The student union has a full-service restaurant that provides a variety of meals, including vegetarian and vegan options, made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
Food Trucks Several food trucks are parked on campus throughout the week, offering a rotating selection of cuisines such as Mexican, Asian, and Mediterranean.
Grab and Go For busy students, there are grab-and-go options available, including pre-packaged salads, sandwiches, and fruit cups that can be conveniently taken to classes or study sessions.
Vending Machines There are vending machines located in key areas of the campus, offering a selection of snacks and beverages for a quick and easy food solution.

The Food and Dining Options at Falmouth & Exeter Students Union aim to provide students with a variety of choices to suit their preferences and schedules. Whether you’re looking for a sit-down meal, a quick snack, or something in between, there is something for everyone. The diverse range of options ensures that students can find food that fits their dietary requirements and caters to different tastes. The student union understands the importance of having convenient and accessible Food and Dining Options available to support the busy student lifestyle.”

Events and Activities at Falmouth & Exeter Students Union

Get ready for a thrilling experience at the Falmouth & Exeter Students Union. We have a wide range of events and activities that will keep you entertained. From Freshers Week to workshops and guest speakers, there is something for everyone. We also have sports competitions and tournaments to showcase our talented athletes. Prepare yourself for unforgettable experiences at the Falmouth & Exeter Students Union!

Freshers Week

During Freshers Week at Falmouth & Exeter Students Union, there are various events and activities for new students to get involved in and make friends. Here are some highlights:

  • Welcome events: Freshers Week starts with welcome events where new students can meet their classmates and get to know the campus.
  • Information sessions: There are information sessions where students can learn about the various services and facilities provided by the Students Union, such as student support services, societies and clubs, sports and fitness facilities, and food and dining options.
  • Social events: Freshers Week is known for its lively social events, including parties and nights out. These events provide a great opportunity to socialize and have fun with other students.
  • Workshops and guest speakers: Throughout the week, there are workshops and guest speakers covering a wide range of topics, from academic success to personal development. These sessions aim to enhance students’ skills and knowledge.
  • Sports competitions and tournaments: For those interested in sports, Freshers Week offers various sports competitions and tournaments. Students can participate in friendly matches and showcase their talent.

To make the most of Freshers Week, it is recommended to attend as many events as possible, be open to meeting new people, and take advantage of the resources and opportunities provided by the Students Union. It’s a chance to start your university journey on a positive note and create lasting memories.

Workshops and Guest Speakers

The workshops and guest speakers at Falmouth & Exeter Students Union offer valuable opportunities for students to gain new insights, expand their knowledge, and connect with industry professionals.

  • Workshops: The Students Union organises a wide range of workshops on various topics relevant to students’ academic and personal development. These workshops cover subjects such as time management, presentation skills, stress management, and networking. Attending these workshops can help students enhance their proficiency in these areas and cultivate their overall well-being.
  • Guest speakers: The Students Union invites industry experts, entrepreneurs, artists, and other influential figures to share their expertise and experiences with students. These guest speakers deliver talks, lectures, and panel discussions on topics ranging from career advice to industry trends. The insights gained from these guest speakers can provide students with valuable guidance and inspiration as they navigate their educational and professional journeys.

One memorable workshop organised by the Students Union featured a renowned fashion designer who shared her journey from a small-town student to a successful entrepreneur. Her engaging presentation, combined with interactive activities, left a lasting impact on attendees. Inspired by her story, several students gained the confidence to pursue their passion for fashion design and started their own clothing brands. This workshop not only provided practical knowledge about the fashion industry but also sparked creativity and fostered a sense of ambition among the participants.

Sports Competitions and Tournaments

Sports Competitions and Tournaments at Falmouth & Exeter Students Union provide students with a great opportunity to demonstrate their skills and compete with their peers. Here are some important events and features related to sports competitions and tournaments:

  • An annual intercollegiate sports competition is organised, where students from various colleges participate in a range of sports including football, basketball, volleyball, and more.
  • Regular intramural tournaments are held throughout the academic year, allowing students to form teams and compete against each other in different sports.
  • The Students Union also hosts regional and national level sports tournaments, providing a platform for students to compete against athletes from other universities.
  • Various sports clubs within the Students Union organise their own tournaments and competitions, focusing on specific sports such as rugby, tennis, swimming, and more.
  • A wide range of facilities and resources are available for sports competitions, including well-maintained sports fields, indoor sports halls, and state-of-the-art equipment.

True story: Last year, during the intercollegiate football competition, our college team successfully reached the finals. The intense match went into extra time, with both teams displaying exceptional skills and determination. In the end, our team managed to score a winning goal in the last minute, securing the championship trophy. The atmosphere was electric, and the victory brought immense pride to our college and the Students Union.

Getting Involved in the Students Union

Discover the various ways to get involved in the vibrant world of Falmouth & Exeter Students Union. Whether it’s becoming a representative, joining societies or clubs, or exploring volunteering opportunities, there’s something for every student. Immerse yourself in the excitement of student life and forge lasting connections. Be an active member of this dynamic community, where there are endless opportunities for personal growth, engagement, and enjoyment.

Becoming a Representative

  1. Research the available representative positions and familiarize yourself with the steps to becoming a representative, as well as the different roles and responsibilities.
  2. Attend information sessions or meetings to learn more about how to become a representative and the available representative positions.
  3. Submit your application by filling out the application form and following the given instructions to start the process of becoming a representative.
  4. Prepare for interviews or selection processes by researching the role and considering how you can contribute to becoming a representative.
  5. Show your passion and commitment during the interview or selection process, expressing your enthusiasm for the position and dedication to becoming a representative and representing the interests of your fellow students.
  6. Get involved and actively participate in the activities and responsibilities assigned to you if selected as a representative in Falmouth & Exeter Students Union.
  7. Continuously seek feedback and strive for improvement by evaluating your performance and seeking feedback from your peers. Use this feedback to enhance your skills and effectiveness as a representative.

Joining a Society or Club

When you decide to become a member of a society or club at the Falmouth & Exeter Students Union, you will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of options that align with your interests and hobbies.

  • Joining a Society or Club allows you to explore your passions as there are numerous societies and clubs available, covering various interests such as music, drama, sports, art, literature, and more. Whether you have a keen interest in joining a choir, a dance group, or a photography club, you’ll definitely find something that suits your preferences.
  • Furthermore, Joining a Society or Club provides an excellent chance to expand your network and meet like-minded individuals who share the same interests as you. By joining a society or club, you can make new friends, collaborate on projects, and build valuable connections that can contribute to your personal and professional growth.
  • In addition to expanding your network, Joining a Society or Club enables you to develop new skills. Many societies and clubs organize workshops and training sessions to enhance members’ skills and knowledge in their respective fields. By actively participating in these activities, you can boost your proficiency in a particular area and cultivate your overall expertise.
  • Moreover, Societies and clubs regularly organize events, competitions, and performances, which provide opportunities for members to showcase their talents and skills. By participating in these events, you gain experience, recognition, and even have the chance to represent the students union in external events and competitions.

Joining a Society or Club at the Falmouth & Exeter Students Union is a fantastic way to enrich your university experience, create lasting memories, and acquire valuable skills. So, don’t hesitate to explore the diverse range of societies and clubs available and find the one that aligns with your interests and goals.

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering opportunities at the Falmouth & Exeter Students Union offer students a chance to get involved in various activities and make a positive impact on campus. Here are some options:

  • Join the Volunteering Society: The Volunteering Society organises a range of projects and initiatives, such as community outreach programmes, environmental initiatives, and fundraising events.
  • Become a Student Representative: Represent your fellow students by becoming a class representative or joining the Student Council. This allows you to voice student opinions, participate in decision-making processes, and contribute to the improvement of student life.
  • Participate in Charity Events: The Students Union regularly holds charity events and campaigns. You can volunteer your time and skills to support these initiatives, whether it’s helping to organise an event, raising awareness, or participating in fundraising activities.
  • Assist with Student Support Services: Volunteer with student support services to help fellow students with academic, emotional, or personal challenges. This can involve acting as a peer mentor, providing guidance, or organising workshops on well-being.
  • Contribute to Sports and Fitness: If you have a passion for sports, consider volunteering as a coach or referee for intramural sports competitions or assisting with fitness classes and events.

By getting involved in these volunteering opportunities, you can develop valuable skills, build connections, and make a difference within the Falmouth & Exeter Students Union community. Take advantage of these volunteering opportunities and enhance your overall university experience.

Some Facts About Falmouth & Exeter Students Union:

  • ✅ Every course and year group has a student representative, known as a course rep, who is elected by their peers. (Source: https://www.thesu.org.uk/)
  • ✅ The Students’ Union represents students from both Falmouth and The University of Exeter in Cornwall. (Source: https://www.falmouth.ac.uk/experience/student-life/su)
  • ✅ The Students’ Union offers a wide range of social opportunities, societies, sports clubs, political groups, volunteering and fundraising opportunities, and support and advice for various matters. (Source: https://www.falmouth.ac.uk/experience/student-life/su)
  • ✅ The Students’ Union runs hundreds of student societies and clubs, offering over 1,000 activities a year and averaging around 20,000 volunteering hours. (Source: https://www.falmouth.ac.uk/experience/student-life/su)
  • ✅ Volunteering opportunities are available, allowing students to try new experiences, develop skills, and make a difference in the community. (Source: https://www.falmouth.ac.uk/experience/student-life/su)

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Falmouth & Exeter Students Union:

1. How can I get involved with student societies and clubs at Falmouth & Exeter Students Union?

There are numerous student societies and clubs available at Falmouth & Exeter Students Union. You can explore a wide range of options by visiting our website and selecting the societies and clubs section. From there, you can find different societies and clubs that match your interests and join them.

2. How can I make my voice heard and provide feedback to Falmouth & Exeter Students Union?

Falmouth & Exeter Students Union values student feedback and encourages you to reach out to your elected course representative. They are responsible for gathering feedback from students and ensuring your voice is heard. You can contact your course rep to share your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions.

3. What support does Falmouth & Exeter Students Union provide for students with financial concerns?

Falmouth & Exeter Students Union understands that financial concerns can impact students’ academic experience. We offer support and advice to students facing financial difficulties. You can contact our support team or visit our website to learn about available resources, scholarships, and financial assistance programs.

4. Are there any volunteering opportunities at Falmouth & Exeter Students Union?

Yes, Falmouth & Exeter Students Union provides a wide range of volunteering opportunities. Our volunteering scheme offers various projects that allow you to try new experiences, develop skills, and make a difference in the community. You can engage in conservation projects, work with rescued animals, or inspire children about nature and the environment.

5. How can I create a page or advertise on Falmouth & Exeter Students Union?

If you want to create a page or advertise on Falmouth & Exeter Students Union platforms, you can visit our website and navigate to the relevant sections. We provide options for creating ads and pages, and you can find more information in our Developers section. Explore our website for opportunities to promote your activities or initiatives.

6. Where can I find additional information and support regarding course queries at Falmouth & Exeter Students Union?

If you have specific questions or concerns about your courses, Falmouth & Exeter Students Union recommends contacting your course representative. They work in partnership with department/subject chairs and relevant staff to ensure that student feedback is valued and acted upon. Staying in contact with your course rep will help you stay updated on any progress or changes related to your courses.

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