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Havering 90 Joggers holds a rich history and has become a prominent running group within the community. The formation of the group marked a significant milestone in promoting fitness and camaraderie among individuals interested in running. Over the years, Havering 90 Joggers have achieved major milestones and notable accomplishments in various races and competitions.

Becoming a member of Havering 90 Joggers offers numerous benefits and opportunities for engagement within the community. If you are interested in joining the group, there are simple steps to become a member. The group also actively participates in community involvement and organizes events that bring runners together.

In terms of training, Havering 90 Joggers provides a range of running routes that are popular among its members. Whether you prefer scenic paths or challenging terrain, there are options available to suit every runner’s preference. The group also offers training programs and sessions to help enhance running skills and improve overall performance.

Competing in races is a significant aspect of Havering 90 Joggers’ activities. The group actively participates in local and national races, showcasing their dedication and passion for running. Their successes and achievements in these competitions are a testament to their commitment and hard work.

Joining Havering 90 Joggers not only provides you with the opportunity to improve your running abilities but also offers various benefits. These include being part of a supportive community, gaining access to experienced guidance and coaching, and the chance to participate in exciting races and competitions.

Havering 90 Joggers continues to thrive as a well-established running group, fostering a sense of unity and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle within Havering and beyond.

Key takeaway:

  • Havering 90 Joggers maximize community involvement: The group offers various events and opportunities for members to engage with the community and participate in social activities.
  • Havering 90 Joggers offer comprehensive training programs: The group provides training sessions and programs to help improve running performance for individuals of all levels.
  • Havering 90 Joggers have a successful track record in competitions: The group actively participates in local and national races, achieving notable successes and achievements.

History of Havering 90 Joggers

The formation and major milestones and achievements of Havering 90 Joggers will be explored in this section. From their humble beginnings to becoming a prominent force, this group has had a significant impact on the running community and made remarkable contributions to the world of fitness. Prepare to delve into the captivating story of Havering 90 Joggers and their incredible journey.

Formation of the Group

The Havering 90 Joggers group was formed as a gathering of individuals who share a passion for running. The group aims to provide a supportive and motivating environment for runners of all levels and abilities.

The formation of the group began when a small number of individuals recognised the need for a local running community in Havering. They came together with the common goal of promoting fitness, well-being, and camaraderie through running.

To initiate the group, the founding members organised informal runs and meetups, encouraging others to join them. Through word-of-mouth and social media, the group quickly gained popularity and attracted more members. The formation of the group was marked by officially naming it Havering 90 Joggers and establishing regular training sessions and events.

Since its formation, the group has evolved and grown, attracting runners from diverse backgrounds and experiences. The formation of the group has fostered a supportive and inclusive community, where members can share their love for running, seek advice, and participate in various running activities together.

The formation of the Havering 90 Joggers group has played a crucial role in creating a strong and vibrant running community in the Havering area. It offers runners opportunities to connect, train, and achieve their fitness goals.

Major Milestones and Achievements

Major Milestones and Achievements

Major Milestones Achievements
1. Formation of the Group – Havering 90 Joggers was established in 1990 by a group of passionate runners who wanted to create a supportive community for people of all running abilities.
2. Expansion of Membership – Over the years, the club has grown exponentially, with a current membership of over 300 active runners.
3. Organization of Annual Races – The club successfully organises two flagship races every year, the Havering Half Marathon and the Havering 5K, attracting participants from all over the region.
4. Achievement in Local Competitions – Havering 90 Joggers has consistently performed well in local running events, with many members securing podium finishes and age-category awards.
5. Representation in National Races – Several club members have participated in prestigious national races such as the London Marathon and the Great North Run, showcasing their dedication and skill.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Havering 90 Joggers has been recognised as one of the top running clubs in the region for its remarkable achievements and community spirit?

Membership and Community

Discover how you can become a part of the vibrant Havering 90 Joggers community, where membership goes beyond just running together. Learn the steps to join this inclusive group and unlock a world of camaraderie and shared goals. Dive into the exciting realm of community involvement and be amazed by the diverse events that bring members together. From charity fundraisers to social gatherings, Havering 90 Joggers offers an engaging platform to connect, support, and inspire each other. Lace up your running shoes and let’s delve into the world of membership and community!

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Discover how you can become a part of the vibrant Havering 90 Joggers community, where membership goes beyond just running together. Learn the steps to join this inclusive group and unlock a world of camaraderie and shared goals. Dive into the exciting realm of community involvement and be amazed by the diverse events that bring members together. From charity fundraisers to social gatherings, Havering 90 Joggers offers an engaging platform to connect, support, and inspire each other. Lace up your running shoes and let’s delve into the world of membership and community!

How to Become a Member

To become a member of Havering 90 Joggers, you can follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit the Havering 90 Joggers website.
  2. Click on the “Membership” tab.
  3. Read the requirements and benefits of membership.
  4. Complete the online membership application form.
  5. Submit the form with the required payment.
  6. Wait for a confirmation email from Havering 90 Joggers.
  7. Once you receive the confirmation email, you will officially become a member.
  8. Attend the next club meeting or event to meet other members and familiarize yourself with the club activities.

Becoming a member of Havering 90 Joggers is a simple process that allows you to join a lively community of dedicated runners.

Community Involvement and Events

Havering 90 Joggers actively engage with the community through various events and initiatives. They organise regular charity runs to raise funds for local causes and support community projects. The group also participates in community clean-up events, helping to keep the local parks and trails clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy. Havering 90 Joggers frequently collaborate with other local organisations and running clubs to host joint training sessions and group runs. They organise fun social events such as barbecues, picnics, and group outings to foster a sense of community and camaraderie among members.

Fact: Havering 90 Joggers has been recognised by the local council for their outstanding community involvement and contributions to the local area.

Running Routes and Training

Looking to go for a run in Havering? We have everything you need! Explore some of the most popular running routes that will take you through beautiful landscapes and lively neighbourhoods. From picturesque parks to breathtaking waterfront trails, these routes offer a variety of terrain for runners at all levels. But it’s not just about the routes – we will also discuss training programmes and sessions that can help you enhance your performance and achieve your running goals. So, put on your running shoes, because we are about to embark on a unique running adventure!

Popular Running Routes in Havering

  1. Harrow Lodge Park: This park offers a scenic route with tree-lined paths and a lake, providing a peaceful atmosphere for your run.
  2. Upminster Windmill: Start at the iconic windmill and take a route that combines open fields and country lanes, giving you a taste of rural running.
  3. Thames Chase Forest Centre: Explore the trails and wooded areas of this nature reserve, providing a challenging yet beautiful route for your run.
  4. Bedfords Park: Enjoy the tranquil surroundings as you run through woodland trails and open meadows, spotting wildlife along the way.
  5. Raphael Park: This picturesque park offers a well-maintained running path around a large lake, perfect for a leisurely jog or a faster-paced run.
  6. Romford Canal: Follow the towpath along the canal for a flat and scenic route, passing by locks and bridges.

Havering is a borough in East London, renowned for its green spaces and diverse running routes. It offers a variety of options for runners of all abilities, from parks and nature reserves to urban trails. Whether you prefer tranquil paths or thrive on the energy of city streets, Havering caters to everyone. These popular running routes not only provide an opportunity to stay active and enjoy the outdoors but also showcase the borough’s beauty. Put on your running shoes and explore the numerous routes Havering has to offer.

Training Programs and Sessions

When it comes to training programs and sessions, Havering 90 Joggers provides a variety of options to suit the needs of every runner.

  1. Beginner’s program: Havering 90 Joggers offers a comprehensive training program for those who are new to running. This program focuses on improving stamina, technique, and gradually increasing mileage to ensure a safe and gradual progression.
  2. Interval training: For runners looking to enhance their speed and endurance, interval training sessions are available. These sessions involve alternating periods of high-intensity running with periods of rest or lighter running to push the body’s limits and maximize performance.
  3. Long-distance training: Havering 90 Joggers organises long-distance training runs for individuals preparing for marathons or other endurance races. These sessions help runners build the necessary stamina and mental resilience required for completing long distances.
  4. Hill training: To improve strength and power, hill training sessions are included in the training program. These sessions involve running uphill, which helps build leg muscles and enhance overall running performance.
  5. Cross-training sessions: In addition to running-specific training, Havering 90 Joggers also offers cross-training sessions that focus on activities such as strength training, yoga, and stretching. These sessions help improve overall fitness and reduce the risk of injuries.

Pro-tip: It’s important to listen to your body and avoid pushing yourself too hard during training sessions. Find a balance between challenging yourself and allowing enough time for rest and recovery.

Competition and Racing

Step into the world of competition and racing with Havering 90 Joggers. Experience the excitement of participating in local and national races, where joggers are pushed to their limits on the track. Witness the triumphs and achievements in various competitions, as committed runners strive for greatness. Prepare to be inspired by the passion, dedication, and unwavering spirit of Havering 90 Joggers as they pursue sporting excellence.

Participation in Local and National Races

Participation in local and national races provides an exciting opportunity for members of Havering 90 Joggers to demonstrate their running skills and compete against other runners. Here are some key aspects of their involvement in these races:

  • Havering 90 Joggers actively participate in a variety of local and national races, ranging from 5k fun runs to marathons.
  • Members can choose races based on their preferences and goals, including the distance, terrain, and location.
  • Participating in these races allows members to test their physical endurance and enhance their performance through competition.
  • By taking part in local and national races, members have the opportunity to represent Havering 90 Joggers and establish camaraderie with fellow runners.
  • Members can improve their running proficiency by learning from experienced athletes and professionals during these races.
  • Havering 90 Joggers has a track record of success in local and national races, with members achieving podium finishes and personal bests.

Participating in local and national races not only allows Havering 90 Joggers to showcase their skills and compete, but also enables members to push their limits and accomplish their running goals.

Successes and Achievements in Competitions

Havering 90 Joggers has achieved numerous successes and accolades in competitions. Members of the group have consistently performed well in both local and national races, earning multiple awards for their performances. Their dedication to training and commitment to improving their running abilities have contributed to their success. They have achieved top positions in races, with some members even finishing first in their age categories. Additionally, they have set personal records and achieved fast race times, showcasing their skill and determination. The group has also been represented by its members in prestigious races and championships, earning recognition and respect within the running community. Their achievements have served as motivation and inspiration for other members to strive for excellence. Havering 90 Joggers continues to actively participate in competitions and work towards achieving new milestones and successes.

Benefits of Joining Havering 90 Joggers

Joining Havering 90 Joggers provides numerous benefits for individuals looking to enhance their running experience:

  1. Community and Support: By joining Havering 90 Joggers, you become part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for running. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with fellow runners, share experiences, and motivate each other along your running journeys.
  2. Structured Training Programs: Havering 90 Joggers offer structured training programs tailored to different levels of runners. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner, you’ll have access to training plans designed to help you improve your running performance and achieve your personal goals.
  3. Group Runs: The club organizes regular group runs where members can come together to run as a group. Group runs provide a motivating and enjoyable atmosphere, allowing you to meet new people, discover new routes, and push yourself to new levels.
  4. Coaching and Guidance: Havering 90 Joggers provide coaching and guidance from experienced runners and coaches. Whether you need advice on improving your running technique, setting realistic goals, or overcoming challenges, you’ll have access to valuable expertise and support.
  5. Race Support: As a member of Havering 90 Joggers, you’ll receive support and encouragement during races. The club often participates in local and regional races, providing opportunities for you to compete alongside your fellow club members and benefit from their support throughout the race.
  6. Social Events: The club organizes various social events, such as social runs, club dinners, and celebrations. These events foster a sense of camaraderie and allow you to build lasting friendships with other members beyond the running track.
  7. Access to Resources: Joining Havering 90 Joggers grants you access to valuable resources and information related to running. This includes access to training tips, educational workshops, discounts on running gear, and access to guest speakers who can share their expertise in the running community.
  8. Improved Motivation and Accountability: Being part of a running club like Havering 90 Joggers provides an extra level of motivation and accountability. The support and encouragement from fellow members can help you stay committed to your running routine and push through any obstacles or plateaus you may encounter.
  9. Opportunities for Personal Growth: Joining a running club can provide opportunities for personal growth and self-improvement. As you challenge yourself, set and achieve goals, and become part of a supportive community, you’ll develop confidence, resilience, and a sense of accomplishment.
  10. Fun and Enjoyment: Above all, joining Havering 90 Joggers is about having fun and enjoying the sport of running. You’ll have the chance to participate in a range of activities, explore new running routes, and experience the joy and satisfaction that running brings.

By becoming a member of Havering 90 Joggers, you can experience these benefits and take your running journey to new heights.

Some Facts About Havering 90 Joggers:

  • ✅ Havering 90 Joggers is the biggest and friendliest running club in Havering with around 200 members of all ages and abilities.
  • ✅ The club has an equal split of male and female runners.
  • ✅ Membership enquiries can be made by contacting [email protected].
  • ✅ The club welcomes both serious runners and those who run for fun, health, or social reasons.
  • ✅ Regular coached sessions are available for all abilities, and there are always groups to run with on club nights.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I join Havering 90 Joggers?

To join Havering 90 Joggers, you can contact the club by sending an email to [email protected]. They welcome both serious runners and those who run for fun, health, or social reasons. Feel free to try a few sessions before becoming a member.

2. Where and when are the club nights held?

Club nights for Havering 90 Joggers are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Two Gables Pavilion, located at Upminster Rugby Club. The sessions start at 7:30pm.

3. Is there a beginners’ program for those new to running?

Yes, Havering 90 Joggers offers a ‘Learn2Run’ course specifically designed for beginners who are new to running. The program is led by friendly and qualified coaches and run-leaders and follows the NHS-approved Couch to 5k program. More details about the program and the start of the next block can be found on the Learn2Run page on the club’s website.

4. How can I participate in the Midweek 5 race?

The Midweek 5 race is an annual club race organized by Havering 90 Joggers and is part of the ELVIS series of events. To participate, you can visit the club’s website for more information and register for the race. The next race will take place on Tuesday, June 6th, 2023.

5. What advantages are there to becoming a member of Havering 90 Joggers?

Becoming a member of Havering 90 Joggers comes with several benefits. By being affiliated to England Athletics, you can enjoy discounts on race entry, clothing, and events. You will also have access to regular coached sessions for all abilities and the opportunity to join club runs organized on Sunday mornings. Additionally, members can participate in the online members’ group to organize additional sessions and support each other.

6. How can I recover my password if forgotten?

If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the “Password forgotten?” link provided on the platform. Follow the instructions to reset your password and regain access to your account.

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