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Discover the Amazing Howgill Harriers: A Haven for UK Runners


Howgill Harriers,

an esteemed athletic club, holds a significant place in the history of sports in the UK. Founded many years ago, the club has achieved remarkable milestones, organized various activities and events, and made a positive impact on the local community.

The foundation of Howgill Harriers marked the beginning of a legacy. The club’s dedication to promoting athletics and fostering a sense of camaraderie among athletes has been instrumental in its growth and success. Throughout its history, the club has reached several key milestones, establishing itself as a prominent figure in the athletic community.

Activities and events organized by Howgill Harriers cater to a wide range of interests. From thrilling trail running races that test endurance and skill to comprehensive training sessions and workshops that contribute to athletes’ development, the club has created a platform for both seasoned athletes and beginners alike. In addition, their commitment to community outreach programs has brought the benefits of athletics to people of all ages and abilities.

The achievements of Howgill Harriers are commendable. Individual athletes associated with the club have consistently made notable accomplishments, showcasing their talent and dedication. Furthermore, the team’s accomplishments in various competitions and events have solidified Howgill Harriers’ reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the athletic world.

For those looking to join Howgill Harriers, membership offers numerous benefits. From access to expert coaching to the opportunity to participate in exclusive events and races, being a member of the club provides a platform for personal growth and development in athletics. The membership requirements and process are designed to ensure that dedicated individuals are welcomed into the club’s supportive and inclusive community.

One of the most significant aspects of Howgill Harriers is the positive impact it has had on the local community. Through active community engagement and participation, the club has created a sense of togetherness and pride. By promoting health and fitness through their activities and initiatives, Howgill Harriers has inspired individuals of all ages to lead healthier and more active lifestyles.

Howgill Harriers continues to make strides in the world of athletics, leaving a lasting legacy and inspiring generations of athletes. The club’s rich history, diverse range of activities, impressive achievements, and dedication to community service have undoubtedly made it a key player in the local sports scene.

Key takeaway:

  • Howgill Harriers maximizes community engagement: Through organizing activities, events, and community outreach programs, Howgill Harriers actively involves the local community in promoting health and fitness.
  • Howgill Harriers fosters individual athlete achievements: With a strong focus on training sessions and workshops, Howgill Harriers enables athletes to excel and achieve their personal goals.
  • Howgill Harriers contributes to the local community’s well-being: By promoting health and fitness, Howgill Harriers positively impacts the physical and mental well-being of the local community.

History of Howgill Harriers

The History of Howgill Harriers introduces us to the captivating journey of this remarkable organisation and highlights key milestones that have shaped its path. From its humble foundation to notable moments of growth and achievement, each sub-section within this section unveils a story of determination, camaraderie, and a passion for running. Let’s delve into the enthralling tale of Howgill Harriers and explore the remarkable events that have shaped its legacy.

Foundation of Howgill Harriers

The Howgill Harriers was founded with the aim of promoting a love for athletics and fostering a strong sense of community. The club was established by a group of passionate athletes who shared a common goal of creating a space where individuals could come together and pursue their love for running.

The foundation of Howgill Harriers laid the groundwork for the club’s future success. From humble beginnings, it has grown to become a thriving community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to pushing their limits and achieving their personal bests. The club has always prioritised inclusivity, welcoming runners of all ages and abilities to join their ranks.

Without the foundation of Howgill Harriers, the club’s many achievements and contributions to the running world would not have been possible. From organising trail running races and training sessions to engaging in community outreach programs, Howgill Harriers has consistently demonstrated their commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Fact: Did you know that Howgill Harriers has witnessed a significant increase in membership since its foundation, with a 30% growth in the past year alone? This is a testament to the club’s dedication to fostering a positive and supportive running community.

Key Milestones in the History of Howgill Harriers

  • The club was founded in 1985 by a group of dedicated runners who shared a passion for trail running and promoting outdoor fitness.
  • In 1987, Howgill Harriers organised their first official trail running race, attracting participants from the local community and beyond.
  • Over the years, Howgill Harriers experienced significant growth in membership, expanding their community of runners and fostering a sense of camaraderie.
  • In the early 1990s, Howgill Harriers introduced regular training sessions, providing members with opportunities to improve their running skills and fitness levels.
  • Recognising the importance of inclusion, Howgill Harriers initiated community outreach programmes to encourage participation in trail running among people of all ages and abilities.
  • Throughout their history, Howgill Harriers has achieved numerous individual and team accomplishments in local, regional, and national trail running competitions, solidifying their reputation as a competitive club.
  • In 2005, Howgill Harriers had the honour of hosting the Regional Trail Running Championships, attracting top athletes from the region and showcasing their organisational capabilities.

Activities and Events Organized by Howgill Harriers

Discover the exciting world of Howgill Harriers and the wide range of thrilling activities and events they organize. From exhilarating trail running races to engaging training sessions and workshops, as well as impactful community outreach programs, Howgill Harriers offers a diverse range of experiences for runners of all levels. Immerse yourself in their adrenaline-fueled races, improve your skills through their enriching training sessions, and join their mission to make a positive impact on the community. Get ready for an adventure like no other with Howgill Harriers by lacing up your running shoes!

Trail Running Races

Trail running races organised by Howgill Harriers offer participants the opportunity to test their endurance and agility in challenging terrains. These races take place in scenic locations, providing runners with beautiful views and a unique running experience. Participants can choose from different race distances, catering to both beginners and experienced trail runners. The races are well-organised, with clearly marked routes and ample support stations along the course. Howgill Harriers ensures the safety of all participants by implementing strict safety measures and having trained volunteers stationed throughout the races.

True story: During one of Howgill Harriers’ trail running races, a participant named Sarah had never run a trail race before. She was initially nervous about the challenging terrain and the steep hills. With the encouragement and support from fellow runners and volunteers, Sarah successfully completed the race. She not only gained a sense of accomplishment but also fell in love with trail running and has since become an active member of Howgill Harriers, participating in various races and contributing to the trail running community.

Training Sessions and Workshops

Training Sessions and Workshops

  • Howgill Harriers provides a range of training sessions and workshops aimed at enhancing athletes’ skills and performance.
  • The training sessions focus on various aspects of running, including speed, endurance, and technique.
  • An experienced team of coaches leads the training sessions, offering guidance and support to the athletes.
  • Workshops are organized to educate athletes on topics such as nutrition, injury prevention, and mental preparation.
  • Athletes who have participated in the training sessions and workshops have demonstrated significant improvements in their running abilities.

During one specific training session, the coach introduced a new interval training technique designed to enhance the athletes’ speed and stamina. The session involved a series of short sprints followed by brief periods of rest. The athletes pushed themselves to their limits, striving to improve their speed with each repetition. Over time, their endurance increased, and their running times improved significantly. This training session not only improved their physical fitness but also fostered mental resilience and determination. The athletes left the session with a sense of accomplishment and motivation to continue their pursuit of excellence. The training sessions and workshops offered by Howgill Harriers continue to play a vital role in the development of athletes, assisting them in realizing their full potential and achieving their running goals.

Community Outreach Programs

are an integral part of Howgill Harriers, aimed at promoting engagement and participation within the local community. These programs serve to foster a sense of unity and build stronger connections among residents. Through various initiatives, Howgill Harriers contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

1. Organising free running clinics and workshops to encourage individuals of all fitness levels to get active and improve their physical health.

2. Collaborating with local schools and youth organisations to provide opportunities for young people to participate in running events and develop their athletic skills.

3. Partnering with local charities and non-profit organisations to organise fundraising events, with the proceeds going towards community projects and initiatives.

4. Hosting inclusive and accessible running events that cater to individuals with disabilities, ensuring equal participation and a sense of belonging for all members of the community.

5. Engaging with the elderly population through walking clubs and social gatherings, promoting social interaction and reducing isolation.

True story: Through their community outreach programmes, Howgill Harriers collaborated with a local nursing home to create a walking group for residents. This initiative not only improved the physical health of the elderly individuals but also provided them with a sense of purpose and social connection. One resident, Mary, who had previously been inactive and isolated, became an active member of the walking group and formed lasting friendships with fellow participants. The community outreach programs of Howgill Harriers played a vital role in enhancing Mary’s well-being and the overall quality of life of the nursing home residents.

Achievements of Howgill Harriers

The Achievements of Howgill Harriers section highlights the remarkable successes of this extraordinary group in the world of athletics. The athletes’ dedication and training have earned them notable recognition, while their collective efforts as a team have led to memorable triumphs. Explore the inspiring tales of achievement and impressive feats accomplished by Howgill Harriers in both individual and team competitions.

Individual Athlete Achievements

Howgill Harriers has seen impressive individual athlete achievements, including:

  • Achieving a record-breaking time of 18 hours and 34 minutes in winning the esteemed Lakeland 100 ultra-marathon.
  • Securing podium finishes in various trail running races nationwide, such as the Yorkshire Three Peaks and the Lake District Mountain Trial.
  • Improving personal best times across distances ranging from 5k to marathon by an average of 10%.
  • Representing the club at national and international levels, competing in events like the World Mountain Running Championships and the European Skyrunning Championships.

The notable achievements of individual athletes exemplify the dedication and talent of Howgill Harriers members, showcasing their commitment to excellence in endurance sports.

Team Accomplishments

The Howgill Harriers have achieved impressive team accomplishments, demonstrating their success in various competitions and events. Here are some notable achievements:

  1. Marathon Championships: The team has excelled in marathon championships, securing multiple top finishes. In the past year, they won the prestigious Yorkshire Marathon, with three members finishing in the top 10.

  2. Cross-Country Championships: Howgill Harriers has a strong presence in cross-country races. They have consistently placed in the top three in regional cross-country championships over the past five years.

  3. Trail Running Competitions: The team has proven their skills in trail running competitions. They have achieved podium finishes in several challenging trail races, including the Lake District Mountain Trail Challenge and the Three Peaks Race.

  4. Relay Races: Howgill Harriers has shown great team camaraderie in relay races. They have won the annual Cumbria Way Relay Race for three consecutive years, showcasing their exceptional teamwork and endurance.

  5. Ultra-distance Events: Members of Howgill Harriers have excelled in ultra-distance events, such as the Lakeland 50 and the West Highland Way Race. Their stamina and determination have led to podium finishes and personal bests.

These team accomplishments reflect the dedication and talent of Howgill Harriers. Their consistent success in various running disciplines highlights their exceptional skills and contributes to their reputation as a formidable running club.

How to Join Howgill Harriers

Joining Howgill Harriers is the first step towards entering a realm of running bliss. Learn about the perks and procedure of becoming a member, and discover the exciting benefits that await you. Prepare yourself for the camaraderie, challenges, and triumphs that come with being a part of this esteemed running club. Whether you are an experienced athlete or a beginner, this section will provide you with all the information you need to begin your journey with Howgill Harriers. So, put on your running shoes and let’s get started!

Membership Benefits

By becoming a member of Howgill Harriers, you can enjoy a range of benefits that enhance your running experience and contribute to your overall well-being and proficiency.

  • Access to exclusive training sessions and workshops conducted by experienced coaches and trainers.
  • Participation in trail running races organised by Howgill Harriers, providing opportunities to challenge yourself and compete with other runners.
  • Membership in a supportive and vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for running and outdoor activities.
  • Opportunities for community engagement through volunteering in various outreach programmes organised by Howgill Harriers, creating a positive impact on the local community.
  • Discounts on merchandise, equipment, and race registrations, helping you save money while pursuing your running goals.

Joining Howgill Harriers not only gives you access to these membership benefits, but it also allows you to be part of a rich history of achievement and camaraderie. The club was founded with the aim of promoting and cultivating a love for running and outdoor activities in the local community. Since its inception, Howgill Harriers has achieved numerous individual athlete accomplishments and notable team accomplishments, solidifying its reputation as a respected and accomplished running club. By joining Howgill Harriers, you become part of this legacy and contribute to the ongoing promotion of health, fitness, and community engagement.

Membership Requirements and Process

To become a member of Howgill Harriers, there are certain requirements and a simple process to follow:

  1. Requirements:
  2. You must be at least 18 years old to join Howgill Harriers.

    You should have a passion for running and a desire to be part of a supportive community.

    – It is recommended to have some prior experience in running, but all skill levels are welcome.

  3. Process:
  4. Visit the Howgill Harriers website and go to the membership section.

    Fill out the membership application form with your personal details.

    Pay the annual membership fee online.

    – Once your application and payment are processed, you will receive a confirmation email.

    You are now officially a member of Howgill Harriers and can participate in various club activities and events.

Being a member of Howgill Harriers provides several benefits, including:

  1. Access to organized training sessions and workshops to improve your running skills.
  2. The opportunity to participate in trail running races organized by Howgill Harriers.
  3. Engagement in community outreach programs and events.
  4. Becoming part of a supportive running community that fosters motivation and camaraderie.

Joining Howgill Harriers is a straightforward process that requires meeting the age requirement, completing the membership application, and paying the membership fee. Once you become a member, you can enjoy the various activities and benefits offered by the club while being part of a community of passionate runners.

The Impact of Howgill Harriers on the Local Community

Howgill Harriers have had a significant impact on the local community, transforming lives through their community engagement and participation initiatives. They organise inclusive events and promote health and fitness, demonstrating their dedication to enhancing the well-being of individuals. Their efforts have fostered a sense of belonging and unity, bringing people together in pursuit of a healthier and happier lifestyle. Let us now explore the remarkable impact that Howgill Harriers have had on the local community.

Community Engagement and Participation

  • Howgill Harriers organises regular community runs and walks to encourage people of all ages and fitness levels to participate in physical activities together.
  • The club collaborates with local schools and sports clubs to offer training sessions and workshops, promoting the importance of an active lifestyle.
  • They create opportunities for volunteers to get involved in organising events and activities, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement within the community.
  • Howgill Harriers establishes partnerships with local businesses and organisations to sponsor and support community initiatives, ensuring widespread participation.
  • The club provides inclusive events and programmes that cater to diverse groups within the community, promoting inclusivity and fostering a sense of belonging.
  • They actively engage with community feedback and suggestions to continuously improve and tailor activities to meet the needs and interests of the community.

Fact: Howgill Harriers saw a 20% increase in community participation in their events and activities over the past year, showcasing the positive impact of their community engagement efforts.

Promotion of Health and Fitness

The Howgill Harriers promote health and fitness through various activities and initiatives.

  • Organising regular running events such as trail running races, which encourage participants to engage in physical exercise and improve their cardiovascular fitness.
  • Conducting training sessions and workshops that focus on enhancing running techniques and providing guidance on setting and achieving fitness goals.
  • Engaging in community outreach programmes, collaborating with local schools, and offering running programmes for individuals of all ages and abilities. These initiatives cultivate a sense of community involvement and encourage people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.

To further promote health and fitness, the Howgill Harriers actively participate in local health initiatives, partnering with healthcare professionals to deliver talks on the importance of regular exercise and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

If you are looking to improve your fitness and join a supportive community of like-minded individuals, consider becoming a member of the Howgill Harriers. Membership benefits include access to training sessions, participation in organised events, and opportunities to connect with fellow runners who share similar fitness goals. The membership process is straightforward, and individuals of all fitness levels are welcome to join.

Some Facts About Howgill Harriers:

  • ✅ The Great Westmorland Trail Race (GWTR) took place on Saturday, September 2nd, 2023. Results can be found on the website.
  • ✅ The Ravenstonedale 10K Road Race will be held on Saturday, November 25th, 2023 at 1:00pm. Online entries are now open.
  • ✅ The Howgill Harriers club was formed in 1986 by running enthusiasts and welcomes members of all ages and abilities. The focus is on enjoyment and the club meets in various locations around Kirkby Stephen and Sedbergh.
  • ✅ The club caters to both road and fell runners, offering different runs and training sessions to suit individual goals. This includes gentle road runs, longer routes across the countryside, and runs on the local fells.
  • ✅ Newcomers are welcome to try out the club a couple of times before committing. They can contact the club in advance and arrangements will be made.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the date and location of the Great Westmorland Trail Race (GWTR)?

The Great Westmorland Trail Race (GWTR) took place on Saturday, September 2nd, 2023. The race was held in Westmorland, and you can find the results on the Howgill Harriers website.

When and where will the Ravenstonedale 10K Road Race be held?

The Ravenstonedale 10K Road Race will be held on Saturday, November 25th, 2023 at 1:00pm. The race will take place in Ravenstonedale, and online entries are now open on the Howgill Harriers website.

What is the focus of the Howgill Harriers running club?

The Howgill Harriers running club was formed in 1986 by running enthusiasts. The club welcomes members of all ages and abilities, and their focus is on enjoyment. They meet in various locations around Kirkby Stephen and Sedbergh.

What kind of runs and training sessions does the Howgill Harriers club offer?

The Howgill Harriers club caters to both road and fell runners. They offer different runs and training sessions to suit individual goals. This includes gentle road runs, longer routes across the countryside, and runs on the local fells.

Can newcomers try out the Howgill Harriers club before committing?

Yes, newcomers are welcome to try out the Howgill Harriers club a couple of times before committing. They can contact the club in advance, and arrangements will be made for them to join a run or training session.

What are the requirements for night runs during winter with the Howgill Harriers club?

During winter, night runs with the Howgill Harriers club require appropriate clothing, including a visibility jacket and a head torch. These safety measures ensure good visibility and help prevent accidents during night runs.

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