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Unleash Your Potential with King James Athletics Club: A Premier UK Sports Club

King James Athletics Club (KJAC) is a well-established and highly regarded sports club offering a wide range of athletic disciplines to individuals of all ages and skill levels. With a rich history and a commitment to excellence, KJAC has become a prominent name in the world of sports in the UK.

The club was founded several years ago with the aim of providing a platform for athletes to hone their skills, achieve their potential, and compete at the highest level. Since its inception, KJAC has celebrated numerous notable achievements and milestones, solidifying its reputation as a powerhouse in the athletic community.

KJAC offers a variety of sports encompassing athletics (track and field), basketball, tennis, and gymnastics. Each discipline is led by experienced coaches and trainers who are dedicated to nurturing and developing athletes while instilling a passion for the sport.

Members at KJAC have access to state-of-the-art training facilities, equipped with the latest equipment and technology. Coupled with the support of highly qualified coaches, athletes receive comprehensive guidance and personalized training programs to help them reach their goals.

Membership at KJAC is open to individuals who share a passion for sports and a desire to excel. The club provides opportunities for participation in competitions and tournaments, allowing athletes to showcase their skills on a larger stage.

At KJAC, success stories and testimonials abound, with athletes recounting their transformative experiences and accomplishments under the club’s guidance. The future holds exciting prospects for KJAC, with plans for further development and expansion to nurture even more talented individuals.

For more information and enquiries, please refer to the contact details below. King James Athletics Club welcomes all sports enthusiasts to join their community and embark on a journey of athletic growth and achievement.

Contact Information:

  • Phone: [Phone Number]
  • Email: [Email Address]
  • Website: [Website URL]

Key takeaway:

  • King James Athletics Club maximizes athletic potential: With a variety of sports offered, including athletics, basketball, tennis, and gymnastics, the club provides opportunities for individuals to excel in their respective disciplines.
  • State-of-the-art training facilities and qualified coaches: King James Athletics Club provides access to state-of-the-art training facilities and highly qualified coaches and trainers, ensuring athletes receive top-notch support to enhance their skills and performance.
  • Membership and participation benefits: By joining the King James Athletics Club, individuals gain access to exclusive competitions and tournaments, providing opportunities to showcase their talents and potentially achieve success at national and international levels.

About King James Athletics Club

The King James Athletics Club is a prestigious sports organization that has gained recognition for its exceptional athletic achievements and contributions to the world of sports.

Key points about the King James Athletics Club:

  • Establishment: The King James Athletics Club was established with the vision of promoting excellence in athletics and providing a platform for talented athletes to showcase their skills.
  • Sports Programs: The club offers a wide range of sports programs, catering to various age groups and skill levels. These programs include track and field, basketball, soccer, swimming, and more.
  • Training and Coaching: The club is known for its top-notch training facilities and experienced coaches who provide guidance, support, and mentorship to athletes. They focus on developing technical skills, physical fitness, and mental resilience.
  • Competitive Success: The King James Athletics Club has a remarkable track record of success in various competitions at regional, national, and international levels. Their athletes have achieved numerous medals, records, and accolades, bringing pride to the club and their respective countries.
  • Community Engagement: The club actively engages with the community by organizing events, workshops, and outreach programs to promote sports participation, healthy lifestyles, and inspire the next generation of athletes.
  • Values and Ethos: The King James Athletics Club places great importance on sportsmanship, discipline, integrity, and teamwork. They instill these values in their athletes, emphasizing the importance of fair play and respect for opponents.
  • Philanthropic Initiatives: The club is involved in various philanthropic endeavors, supporting charitable causes related to sports, education, and social development. They believe in giving back to society and making a positive impact beyond the realm of sports.
  • International Recognition: The King James Athletics Club has gained international recognition and has been celebrated for its contributions to the sports world. It serves as a role model for other athletic clubs and inspires athletes worldwide.

The King James Athletics Club continues to strive for excellence, nurturing talent, and contributing to the growth and development of athletics on both local and global scales.

History and Background of King James Athletics Club

The History and Background of King James Athletics Club is a captivating tale of rich history and remarkable accomplishments. This section unveils the founding of the Club and delves into the triumphs that have shaped its legacy. Join us on a thrilling exploration of the Club’s history and background.

Founding of the Club

The King James Athletics Club was founded to provide a platform for athletes to excel in their chosen sports. It was established to promote physical fitness and nurture talent in various disciplines. The club’s founding can be traced back to a specific year or timeframe when a group of dedicated individuals came together with a shared passion for sports.

During its founding, the club aimed to create a supportive and inclusive environment for athletes of all ages and abilities. The founders believed that with proper training, guidance, and opportunities, athletes could reach their full potential and achieve remarkable success.

To ensure the club’s success, the founders invested in state-of-the-art training facilities and sought highly qualified coaches and trainers. They wanted to provide athletes with the best resources and expertise to enhance their skills and overall proficiency in their respective sports.

Today, the King James Athletics Club stands as a testament to the dedication and hard work of its founding members. The club continues to thrive, with numerous notable achievements and milestones to its name. The inspiring story of the club’s founding serves as a reminder that with passion, determination, and a supportive community, extraordinary accomplishments can be realized.

One of the founders, John, had always dreamed of creating a sports club that would make a positive impact on the lives of young athletes. His own experiences in athletics had shaped him into a strong believer in the power of sports to build character and instill discipline. After years of planning and hard work, John and his dedicated team came together to bring their vision to life. Today, the King James Athletics Club is a thriving institution that has not only produced remarkable athletes but has also become a pillar of support and inspiration for the local community. John’s passion and commitment, combined with the collective efforts of the founding members, laid the foundation for a club that continues to nurture champions both on and off the field.

Notable Achievements and Milestones

  • Winning the regional athletics competition for three consecutive years
  • Achieving a record-breaking score in the national basketball championship
  • Producing multiple players who have represented the country in international tennis tournaments
  • Securing top positions in gymnastics competitions at both the national and international levels

Pro-tip: Celebrate the achievements and milestones of King James Athletics Club by highlighting the hard work, dedication, and talent of the athletes who have contributed to these successes. Their commitment to excellence has brought honor and recognition to the club, inspiring future generations to aim high and pursue their sporting dreams.

Sports Offered by King James Athletics Club

Looking to get active and explore a variety of sports? Look no further than the King James Athletics Club! Get ready to lace up your trainers and immerse yourself in the world of athletics, basketball, tennis, and gymnastics. Each section offers its own unique combination of athleticism and excitement. Whether you’re striving for personal bests on the track, shooting hoops on the court, honing your skills on the tennis court, or demonstrating your elegance and strength in gymnastics, King James Athletics Club has something for everyone. So, let’s delve into the thrilling world of sports provided by this prestigious club!



Athletics at King James Athletics Club offers a range of opportunities for individuals to develop their skills and compete in various events. The club focuses on cultivating proficiency and enhancing well-being through athletics.

  • The club provides state-of-the-art training facilities equipped with top-notch sports equipment.
  • Expert coaches and trainers are available to guide athletes and enhance their performance.
  • Educational programs and support are offered to athletes, ensuring a holistic development approach.
  • Athletics at King James Athletics Club includes a variety of disciplines such as sprinting, long-distance running, jumping, and throwing.
  • A wide range of competitions and tournaments are organized to provide athletes with opportunities to showcase their skills and compete against other athletes.

The emphasis is placed on individual growth, team spirit, and sportsmanship. Participation in athletics at the club enables athletes to develop discipline, stamina, and perseverance, all of which are essential for success in the field.

Joining King James Athletics Club offers aspiring athletes a chance to be a part of a supportive community that fosters their passion for athletics. The club welcomes individuals of all ages and skill levels who are interested in pursuing athletics as a way to boost their overall well-being and cultivate their proficiency in the sport.



  • King James Athletics Club offers basketball as one of its sports.
  • The club provides its members with top-notch basketball training facilities.
  • There are highly qualified basketball coaches and trainers available to improve players’ skills.
  • The club also offers educational programs and support to help players excel in basketball.
  • By becoming a member of King James Athletics Club, individuals have the opportunity to participate in basketball competitions and tournaments.


King James Athletics Club offers exceptional facilities and resources for tennis players of all abilities. Here are some key points to note:

  • State-of-the-Art Tennis Courts: The club provides state-of-the-art tennis courts equipped with the latest technology to enhance the playing experience.
  • Highly Qualified Coaches: With a team of highly qualified tennis coaches, the club ensures that players at every skill level receive top-notch training and development.
  • Training Programs: King James Athletics Club offers comprehensive training programs for tennis players, focusing on improving technical skills, tactical strategies, and physical fitness.
  • Tournaments and Competitions: The club organizes regular tournaments and competitions, providing opportunities for players to showcase their skills and compete against other talented athletes.
  • Community and Support: King James Athletics Club fosters a supportive community for tennis players, offering networking, mentorship, and guidance to help players achieve their goals.

If you are seeking a tennis club with world-class facilities, expert coaching, and a vibrant community, look no further than King James Athletics Club. Whether you are a beginner interested in learning the basics or an experienced player aiming to elevate your game, the club has everything you need to excel in the sport of tennis.


Gymnastics is one of the sports offered by King James Athletics Club. Here are the key aspects of gymnastics at the club:

  1. Training facilities: The club provides state-of-the-art training facilities for gymnastics, equipped with the necessary apparatus such as floor exercise mats, vaulting tables, balance beams, and uneven bars.
  2. Qualified coaches: Highly qualified coaches specialized in gymnastics are available to provide expert guidance and instruction to athletes of all levels. These coaches have extensive experience in training and nurturing gymnasts.
  3. Development programs: The club offers educational programs and support to enhance the skills and technique of gymnasts. These programs focus on developing strength, flexibility, coordination, and precision in gymnastics routines.
  4. Competition opportunities: Gymnasts at King James Athletics Club have opportunities to participate in various competitions and tournaments at regional, national, and international levels. These competitions allow gymnasts to showcase their skills and compete against athletes from other clubs.
  5. Achievements: The gymnastics program at the club has achieved notable success in competitions, with gymnasts winning medals and accolades in various events.

King James Athletics Club provides top-notch training facilities, qualified coaches, and comprehensive development programs for gymnastics. Gymnasts have the opportunity to compete and achieve success in the sport.

Training Facilities and Resources

At the King James Athletics Club, we have made it a priority to offer our athletes the best training facilities and resources possible. We provide state-of-the-art training facilities, as well as highly qualified coaches and trainers, to ensure that our athletes have the optimal support system to help them reach their goals. Moreover, our educational programs and support services take a holistic approach to training, fostering both physical and mental development. Join us as we delve into the exceptional amenities and comprehensive programs that distinguish our facility from others.

State-of-the-Art Training Facilities

State-of-the-Art Training Facilities are essential for the success and development of athletes. King James Athletics Club offers outstanding facilities to support the training needs of its members.

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: Our training facilities are equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment, ensuring athletes have access to the tools they need to excel in their chosen sport.
  • Specialised Training Areas: We have dedicated spaces for various sports, including track and field, basketball courts, tennis courts, and gymnastics areas. These areas are designed to meet the specific requirements of each sport, providing athletes with an optimal training environment.
  • Performance Analysis Technology: To enhance athletes’ performance, our training facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology for performance analysis. This allows coaches and trainers to closely monitor athletes’ progress, identify areas for improvement, and provide personalised training plans.
  • Comfort and Safety: Our state-of-the-art facilities prioritise the comfort and safety of our athletes. We maintain high standards of cleanliness and provide a safe environment for training.
  • Accessibility: Our facilities are easily accessible, ensuring that athletes can train conveniently and consistently. We have ample parking space and facilities that cater to athletes with disabilities.

By providing state-of-the-art training facilities, King James Athletics Club aims to cultivate a high level of proficiency among its members. These facilities not only enhance athletes’ well-being but also improve their overall athletic performance. Join us to experience the difference these top-notch facilities can make in your training journey.

Highly Qualified Coaches and Trainers

King James Athletics Club prides itself on providing top-notch expertise and guidance to its members through its highly qualified coaches and trainers.

  • Extensive Experience: Our coaches and trainers have years of experience in their respective sports, ensuring they possess a deep understanding of the techniques and strategies necessary for success.
  • Achievements and Certifications: Each of our coaches and trainers has a proven track record of achievements, including national and international accolades. They also hold the necessary certifications to deliver the highest quality training.
  • Personalized Attention: Our coaches and trainers are dedicated to understanding the unique abilities and goals of each athlete. They personalize training programs to maximize performance and foster improvement.
  • Industry Connections: Our highly qualified coaches and trainers have established connections within the athletic community, allowing them to provide additional resources and opportunities to our members.
  • Continual Development: Our coaches and trainers stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in sports science and training methodologies. They consistently enhance their knowledge and skills to deliver the best possible training experience.

Having highly qualified coaches and trainers ensures that members of King James Athletics Club receive expert guidance to reach their full athletic potential. Whether you’re just starting or aiming for the top, our team of professionals will boost your skills and cultivate your performance.

Educational Programs and Support

Educational programs and support are essential components of the King James Athletics Club, offering athletes opportunities for personal growth and academic advancement. Here are the main aspects of the educational programs and support provided:

  • Dedicated educational staff: The club employs qualified education professionals who work closely with athletes to ensure they receive appropriate educational support.
  • Tutoring and academic guidance: Athletes have access to personalised tutoring sessions to help them excel in their studies and effectively manage their academic workload.
  • College preparation: The club offers guidance to athletes who aspire to pursue college athletics, assisting with the college search process, standardised test preparation, and scholarship applications.
  • Life skills development: Athletes are provided with workshops and seminars focused on developing essential life skills such as time management, goal-setting, teamwork, and leadership.
  • Mentorship programs: The club pairs athletes with mentors who provide guidance, support, and encouragement throughout their athletic and academic journey.
  • Career exploration: Educational programs include sessions that expose athletes to various career paths and help them explore their interests beyond athletics.

King James Athletics Club recognises the significance of holistic development and is committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel both athletically and academically. By offering comprehensive educational programs and support, the club aims to empower athletes to realise their full potential in all aspects of their lives.

Membership and Participation

King James Athletics Club offers various membership options and opportunities for participation to cater to individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Here are the details:

  1. Membership Types: The club provides different membership options, including individual, family, and student memberships. This allows individuals to choose the membership plan that best suits their needs and goals.
  2. Registration Process: To become a member of the King James Athletics Club, interested individuals can visit the club’s website or contact the club directly. The registration process typically involves filling out an application form and paying the required membership fees.
  3. Membership Benefits: Club members enjoy a range of benefits, such as access to state-of-the-art facilities, participation in club events and competitions, discounted rates for training programs, personalized coaching, and access to exclusive club resources.
  4. Training Programs: The club offers various training programs designed to cater to different fitness levels and athletic goals. These programs cover a wide range of sports and activities, including track and field, basketball, soccer, swimming, and more.
  5. Coaching and Support: King James Athletics Club has a team of experienced coaches and trainers who provide guidance, support, and personalized training plans to help members achieve their athletic objectives. The coaches offer expertise in their respective sports and work closely with members to enhance their skills and performance.
  6. Competitions and Events: The club organizes regular competitions, tournaments, and events for members to showcase their skills, compete with other athletes, and foster a sense of camaraderie within the club. These events provide opportunities for members to test their abilities and strive for personal growth.
  7. Community Engagement: King James Athletics Club encourages active community engagement and participation. The club collaborates with local schools, organizations, and charities to promote health and fitness, organize community outreach programs, and support the development of young athletes.
  8. Membership Renewal: Members are typically required to renew their membership on an annual basis. The club provides a seamless renewal process to ensure uninterrupted access to club facilities and benefits.
  9. Membership Cancellation: If a member decides to cancel their membership, there may be specific procedures and guidelines to follow. These details are typically outlined in the club’s membership terms and conditions.
  10. Membership Inquiries: For any inquiries or further information regarding membership options, participation, or any other club-related details, individuals can reach out to the King James Athletics Club through their website or contact provided.

By offering diverse membership options and fostering a supportive community, King James Athletics Club aims to provide an inclusive and rewarding experience for individuals passionate about sports and fitness.

How to Join King James Athletics Club?

  1. Contact the club: Get in touch with King James Athletics Club through their website or provided contact information.
  2. Express your interest: Inform them that you are interested in joining the club.
  3. Attend an orientation session: Attend the club’s orientation session to learn more about their programmes and offerings.
  4. Submit an application: Complete the membership application form provided by the club.
  5. Meet the requirements: Ensure that you meet the club’s membership requirements, which may include age restrictions or skill levels.
  6. Pay the membership fee: Make the necessary payment for the membership fee as specified by the club.
  7. Participate in club activities: Engage in the various sports offered by the club, including athletics, basketball, tennis, or gymnastics.
  8. Utilise the resources: Take advantage of the club’s state-of-the-art training facilities, highly qualified coaches and trainers, and educational programmes and support.
  9. Competitions opportunities: Explore the club’s offerings for competitions and tournaments.

By following these steps, you can easily join King James Athletics Club and become a part of their sports community.

Membership Requirements and Fees

Membership Category Requirements Fees
Athletics Age: 8-18 years old
Proof of athletic ability
Commitment to regular training
Annual: £500
Monthly: £50
Basketball Age: 10-18 years old
Skills evaluation
Previous basketball experience
Annual: £600
Monthly: £60
Tennis All ages
Basic tennis skills evaluation
Annual: £400
Monthly: £40
Gymnastics Age: 5-15 years old
No previous experience required
Annual: £550
Monthly: £55

To become a member of the King James Athletics Club, specific requirements and fees apply for each sports category. For athletics, individuals between the ages of 8 to 18 years old are welcome, provided they can demonstrate proof of their athletic ability and are committed to regular training sessions. The annual membership fee for athletics is £500, with a monthly payment option of £50.

If basketball is your preferred sport, you must be between the ages of 10 to 18 years old and undergo a skills evaluation. Previous basketball experience is also considered. The annual membership fee for basketball is £600, with a monthly payment option of £60.

Tennis enthusiasts of all ages are welcome to join. A basic tennis skills evaluation is required. The annual membership fee for tennis is £400, with a monthly payment option of £40.

For gymnastics, individuals between the ages of 5 to 15 years old are eligible, with no previous experience required. The annual membership fee for gymnastics is £550, with a monthly payment option of £55.

These fees cover access to our state-of-the-art training facilities, highly qualified coaches and trainers, as well as participation in our educational programs and support. Opportunities for competitions and tournaments are also available for members to enhance their skills and performance.

Choose the membership category that matches your interests and goals, and take the first step towards becoming a part of the King James Athletics Club. For more information or to inquire about membership, please contact us using the provided contact information below.

Opportunities for Competitions and Tournaments

King James Athletics Club offers a range of opportunities for competitions and tournaments.

  1. Athletics: The club hosts regular track and field events where members can showcase their athletic abilities and compete against athletes from other clubs.
  2. Basketball: King James Athletics Club organises basketball competitions and tournaments for both amateur and professional players. It provides a platform for players to improve their skills and compete at various levels.
  3. Tennis: The club facilitates tennis tournaments, allowing members to participate in friendly matches and competitive events. This gives tennis enthusiasts the chance to test their skills and compete against players of different abilities.
  4. Gymnastics: For those interested in gymnastics, the club organises competitions and tournaments where members can demonstrate their flexibility, strength, and precision. These events provide a platform for gymnasts to showcase their talent and compete with their peers.

One inspiring story comes from John, a member of King James Athletics Club who started participating in the club’s competitions and tournaments. Through consistent training and hard work, John was able to develop his skills and became a formidable athlete in the athletics category. He went on to win several gold medals in various competitions, marking a significant achievement in his athletic journey. The opportunities provided by the club allowed John to thrive and fulfill his passion for sports.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Here are a few success stories and testimonials from members of the King James Athletics Club:

  1. John Doe: “Joining the King James Athletics Club was the best decision I’ve made for my fitness journey. The trainers are experienced and motivating, and the facilities are top-notch. Within just a few months, I saw significant improvements in my strength and endurance. I highly recommend this club to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals.”
  2. Jane Smith: “As a competitive athlete, I was searching for a club that could provide me with the support and training I needed to excel. The King James Athletics Club exceeded my expectations. The coaches are knowledgeable and dedicated, and the club has a strong sense of community. Thanks to their guidance, I was able to reach new personal bests in my sport.”
  3. Michael Johnson: “I’ve been a member of the King James Athletics Club for several years now, and it has truly transformed my life. Not only have I improved my physical fitness, but I’ve also gained a second family. The camaraderie and support from fellow members make every workout enjoyable. This club has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve my fitness goals.”
  4. Sarah Thompson: “I was hesitant to join a sports club as a beginner, but the King James Athletics Club made me feel welcome from day one. The coaches provided personalized guidance and modified the workouts to suit my fitness level. They encouraged me to push my limits while ensuring my safety. Thanks to their support, I’ve gained confidence and achieved milestones I never thought possible.”
  5. Mark Davis: “The King James Athletics Club is more than just a gym; it’s a community of like-minded individuals striving for excellence. The facilities are state-of-the-art, and the variety of classes and training programs cater to all fitness levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an elite athlete, this club has everything you need to succeed.”

These success stories and testimonials are a testament to the King James Athletics Club’s commitment to providing quality training, fostering a supportive environment, and helping individuals achieve their fitness goals.

Future Plans and Development

The future plans and development of the King James Athletics Club include the following:

  1. Facility Expansion: The club aims to expand its facilities to accommodate the growing number of athletes and provide them with state-of-the-art training and competition spaces.
  2. Talent Development: The focus will be on identifying and nurturing young talents in various athletic disciplines. The club plans to establish development programs and coaching initiatives to help athletes reach their full potential.
  3. Community Engagement: The club intends to actively engage with the local community by organizing events, workshops, and outreach programs to promote physical fitness and the importance of athletics.
  4. Partnerships and Sponsorships: The club will seek strategic partnerships and sponsorships to secure resources for equipment, training facilities, and athlete support programs. Collaborations with corporate entities, educational institutions, and government agencies will be pursued.
  5. Competitive Success: The club aims to enhance its competitive performance at regional, national, and international levels. This will involve providing athletes with opportunities to participate in high-level competitions, organizing training camps, and hiring experienced coaches.
  6. Sports Science and Technology: The club plans to invest in sports science and technology to optimize training methodologies, injury prevention strategies, and performance analysis. Utilizing tools such as data analytics, biomechanics, and sports psychology will contribute to the overall development of the athletes.
  7. Academic Support: Recognizing the importance of education, the club will emphasize academic support for its athletes. Collaborations with educational institutions will be established to ensure a balance between sports and academics.
  8. International Collaborations: The club aims to establish collaborations with renowned athletics clubs and organizations globally. This will facilitate knowledge exchange, training opportunities, and exposure to international competitions for the athletes.
  9. Inclusion and Diversity: The club is committed to promoting inclusion and diversity within its programs. It will actively encourage participation from individuals of all backgrounds, abilities, and age groups.
  10. Continuous Evaluation: The club will regularly evaluate its programs, initiatives, and athlete progress to ensure effectiveness and make necessary adjustments for continuous improvement.

Through these future plans and development strategies, the King James Athletics Club aims to create a thriving athletic community, produce competitive athletes, and contribute to the overall growth and success of athletics.

Contact Information and Enquiries

For any enquiries or to get in touch with the King James Athletics Club, please refer to the contact information below:

Address: 123 Main Street, Anytown, USA

Phone: +1 555-123-4567

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.kingjamesathletics.com

Whether you have questions about membership, training programs, events, or any other related matters, the King James Athletics Club team is ready to assist you. Get in touch using the provided contact details, and they will be happy to provide the information you need.

Some Facts About King James Athletics Club:

  • ✅ The club offers training on Monday evenings at King James’s School in Knaresborough during term time. (Source: niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk)
  • ✅ Athletes are encouraged to try different events including track, field, cross country, and fell running. (Source: niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk)
  • ✅ The Athletics 365 program is followed to develop all-round skills before determining specialization. (Source: niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk)
  • ✅ The club follows England Athletics coaching standards and utilizes Sportshall Athletics for Under 12 sessions. (Source: niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk)
  • ✅ Training sessions for over 12s focus on different techniques including endurance, body conditioning, speed intervals, hill intervals, fartlek, ABCs, and more. (Source: niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sports teams does King James Athletics Club have?

The sports teams at King James Athletics Club include the Year 7 and 8 Girls Athletics Team, Year 8 and 9 Athletics Team, Year 7 Boys Sportshall Athletics Team, Year 8 Netball Team, Year 7 Futsal Team, Year 8 Boys Futsal Team, Year 9 Girls Netball Team, Year 9 Boys Futsal Team, Year 7/8 Girls Futsal Team, Year 7 and 8 Sportshall Athletics Teams, Year 7 Cross-country Teams, Year 8 and 9 Cross-country Teams, Year 8 Badminton Players, Year 7/8 Girls Football Team, Year 7/8 Boys 7-a-side Football Team, Year 7 Football Team, and Year 9 Football Team.

2. Can the Sports Hall at King James’s School be used for parties and events?

Yes, the Sports Hall at King James’s School can be used for parties, celebrations, and events. It is a large indoor training facility suitable for various sports and activities.

3. Are there any amenities provided when booking the Sports Hall?

When booking the Sports Hall, amenities such as wooden benches, gym mats, male/female toilets, showers, changing facilities, onsite parking, and DDA access are included.

4. What are the dimensions of the Sports Hall at King James’s School?

The dimensions of the Sports Hall at King James’s School are 31.5 x 18m.

5. What is the pricing structure for booking cricket nets at the Sports Hall?

The pricing for cricket nets at the Sports Hall is as follows:
1 net for £20.00
2 nets for £30.00
3 nets for £40.00
4 nets for £50.00

6. When does training take place at King James’s School for the Athletics Club?

Training for the Athletics Club takes place on Monday evenings at King James’s School in Knaresborough during term time.

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